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  1. Believe it or not most people don't want to scroll through a dozen pages of gifs every day to find if any info has been announced. This is something @Elle has been pretty clear about it in the past.
  2. excited gif post should be taken to random lana discussion so this thread can be readable to others
  3. live performances of Us Against the World
  4. I'm rewatching Lost while in iso and it is making me kinda crazy
  5. Anyway... let's try and vaguely stay on topic again thanks.

    PC Music

    I wanna buy it but $31 is a lot for me to spend on a digital release rn

    Azealia Banks

    Man she's having a hell of a year... Obviously she's had issues with her mental health for a while but I feel like a lot of it has been exacerbated since that incident with her neighbour in Feb. I've thought about that a lot since it happened. A few years ago my house got robbed by two guys while I was home and it got pretty messy. My bf got hit with a baseball bat and had to get stitches in his head. We both felt so fucked up for about 9-10 months after. Constantly on high alert, having panic attacks. My anxiety and depression was out of control from my adrenaline spiking all the time and my bf went through a period of anger (he was never violent) but we fought a lot and I knew it was all stemming from the fear and anger he felt from the incident. I guess my point is that when you already have complex mental health issues like AB I think something like that can really fuck you up for a while especially if you don't get professional treatment and try to work through it in therapy. That on top of all the covid/lockdown shit is a lot to be dealing with. I hope she has people in her life who can love and take care of her and get her help
  8. the benefits of being pessimistic, you're either always right or pleasantly surprised
  9. @@Elle They don't deliver to me I'll have to visit when lockdown is over tho
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PElhV8z7I60
  11. That's not why you got a WP if you actually read the description but go off.
  12. @Veinsineon That's excitinggggg thanks
  13. So is the remix album still a thing or are they just slowly releasing remixed versions of each track?
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