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  1. so legit.mp3 heartbreaking for us tbh
  2. also thinking about how i'm 99% sure a girl stole my ipod touch at a party in 2010. if ur reading this Steph I know it was you and I'll die mad about it
  3. I was a bit skeptical since the LG phone i've had in the past have been... pretty bad... but the reviews and specs of this one actually sound kinda promising ty!
  4. Old iPods sound sooo good compared to modern phones, even with just mid range headphones.

    Joanna Newsom

    Haha I’m not even hoping for 2023 at this point. Honestly though she could take another 10 years and I would be okay if it meant we get a beautiful album filled with reflections on motherhood but yeah there are zero bad Joanna releases, I find my favourites oscillate depending on my mood tbh. please come back with your thoughts I love hearing people’s first impressions of Joanna!

    Joanna Newsom

    I love Divers too but I feel like you get more out of it when you listen to in the context of her earlier releases?

    Joanna Newsom

    I think Have One On Me is the most accessible in terms of the style of music, but it’s also her longest release being a triple LP. If that feels overwhelming for you maybe think of it as 3 smaller releases and try each disc separately? Her most accessible song in my opinion is Good Intentions Paving Company.

    Charli XCX

    I wish this album wasn't so short still a serve though
  9. My Best Days does not get enough recognition
  10. Live or Die (all versions) supremacy but for real picking 10 was so hard
  11. Thank you for making reports, it's really useful as clearly this thread has had a lot of traction overnight.
  12. If there's anything specific in the thread that you feel is against the rules please use the report function! We try to monitor popular threads as much as we can but we are most effective when it's a community effort.
  13. Long Road Home is so good Totally feel the Enya comparisons. Billions was good too but didn't hit me as hard as Long Road Home.
  14. One of the most influential albums of the century. I truly unironically believe people will look at this album 50 years from now as a major turning point in pop music the same way we do now for bands like The Beatles.
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