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  1. Carmen


    It doesnt sound headache to me, but bit boring to me... Apparently, kids below than 13 may get headache as a resulting suicide, due to frequent sound or bla bla bla
  2. Carmen


    I love creepypasta... most of them are too creepy... love ash's coma and missingno. oh and lavender town syndrome
  3. Carmen

    Boarding School

    These lyrics............ My life........
  4. My box set is not... even here, lemme go kill that bitch!
  5. Carmen

    USA Tour?

    Any latest news about her performing US?
  6. When will Marina do that? jk, i love marina tho
  7. gorrrlll, lana version is much better than cheryl
  8. gorrrlll, if you are using it here, at least tell me about it. I could make it bigger 8
  9. New Psd coloring Click the images to download the psd. Example:
  10. not really, you are a nice person
  11. girl, I know. sorry if I offend you in any way, :hug:
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