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  1. soap

    Melanie Martinez

    i don't like the album at all. very disappointed but i didn't expect much
  2. soap

    Melanie Martinez

    everyone is entitled to their own opinion (obviously) but we are the ones streaming, buying and posting about the music she releases... so it's strange to say it's not for us at all. as a fan i'm gonna say it's not her best work but let's hope she proves me wrong when the album actually comes out :-)
  3. soap

    Melanie Martinez

    death and void are both equally bad. i'm not sure what she's going for with this era but it's really not it !! i'm very much aware artists can grow and change, i was honestly super excited for this album. I just genuinely think that people are eating the new singles up so much solely because it's melanie and not because it's good music.
  4. dangerous made me sob my fucking eyes out
  5. soap

    Charli XCX

    I haven't been on this website in god knows how long but the first thing I need to post about after my mini hiatus is this masterpiece of an album. CRASH has truly become one of my favorite albums to this date since its release and I don't think I'll be getting over it anytime soon anyways here's my list (no deluxe songs though cause idc enough about them) 1. Constant Repeat 2. Yuck 3. Crash 4. Baby 5. Move Me 6. Lightning 7. Good Ones (I only like this one bc it sampled my queen Natalia Kills teehee) 8. Used To Know Me 9. Beg For You 10. Twice (don't come for me y'all I still love this song) 11. Every Rule 12. New Shapes
  6. soap

    Kim Petras

    Seeing people on this thread talk about Kim's new EP being a masterpiece makes me want to sob. It's the worst thing she's ever released and I dreaded talking about it because of how much it made me cringe. Kim, you're a grown woman. You're also a rape apologist. If you're gonna be an awful person at least have some talent left in you girly!
  7. soap

    Charli XCX

    I'm not even gonna lie she's ABSOLUTELY serving face and body in this era. Her outfits are everything and her makeup and hair always looks flawless. The only issue is the music that she's releasing!!! I'm glad I'm not the only one who isn't a huge fan of some of the singles that have been put out so far. Baby is my fav, Good Ones is a bop buuuut she sampled Mirrors by Natalia Kills so I'd honestly rather listen to that if I were to choose between the two, Beg for You is... okay, New Shapes is NOT for me. The more singles she releases the less I have hope for the album, which makes me sad because I was so excited for it I don't want to criticize her too much because she's THE Charli XCX, she knows how to blow everyone away, but this era is not doing it for me right now. This bitch KNOWS how to pull off mainstream, 'industry plant' pop because she's practically done it before. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy that she's getting some more recognition and I'm happy that she's happy. I just need the album to pop off and change my mind because my current thoughts based on the singles aren't super positive.
  8. soap

    Cruel Youth

    I've been sickeningly obsessed with Natalia and Cruel Youth's music lately. I desperately need more music but I could live off of Perfectionist, Trouble and +30mg for the rest of my life if I had to honestly.
  9. soap

    Kim Petras

    Y'all I am SO sick of whatever the fuck Kim is doing right now with her music. What happened to the spark she had during the neon border phase???? Why won't she put that much passion and creativity into her new music??????? Her three recent TikTok snippets are giving me a headache from how overused and unoriginal they are. "treat me like a slut" "this throat Lady Gaga" GIRL? What happened to the bubbly, adorable, bratty girl from IDWIAA or the vocal power from Heart to Break? Not to mention Coconuts was a complete disaster and I'll never forgive TikTok for blowing that shit up. Mama needs to get her shit straight and figure out what the hell she's doing but until then I'm gonna judge from a distance Edit: This sounds TOO picky but someone had to say it. I still love her but y'all can admit something is wrong and she's not putting her best foot forward. She isn't serving the pop princess energy that we all know damn well she's capable of.
  10. I stumbled upon this song with my best friend when we were kids and I've been obsessed with her ever since. People did her so dirty, she had/has so much talent. Highly recommend checking this music video out it's a BOP.
  11. soap

    Melanie Martinez

    I hope her new album is everything it's been worked up to be so I can have something else to adore other than Crybaby. I get that her recent EP and K-12 is a huge hit for people and I can appreciate that, but I think everyone can agree that she has the ability to really blow us away and give us some new material to work with. Let's hope!!
  12. I desperately need y'all to watch this video and listen to the song. CRIMINALLY UNDERRATED
  13. soap

    Melanie Martinez

    I've been a Melanie fan for quite some time, probably around 5/6 years, and I have a lot to say. Crybaby truly was and will always be a masterpiece. I love that album with my whole entire being and still go back to admire the genius songwriting and vocals that younger Mel had. I don't think there's one single skip on that album and it's so easy to introduce people to her music with Crybaby. There's so many great things about it I genuinely don't even know where to start. Now, K-12. I didn't love it, but I didn't hate it! I just wanted something more from her. It felt boring and overused at this point. Why would I listen to K-12, an album about generic kiddy stuff with boring instrumentals, when I could listen to Crybaby that has so much more depth? Again, I didn't hate it, I actually do enjoy some (if not most) of the songs. Just not my cup of tea. Her After School EP was absolute garbage. I don't think I liked one single song on it... maybe minus The Bakery. I'm just sick of the kiddy stuff from her! She's grown! I didn't like her vocals, the instrumentals, the lyrics, nothing. I need change from her. I just hope her next album gives me something to fawn over again. Her getting involved with NFT's honestly pushed me away even further. I don't hate Melanie but I'm sick of the same thing getting recycled and made into something worse. I'll always hold her to the standard of Crybaby because I KNOW she's capable of so much more than what she's currently putting out. Hopefully this makes sense or resonates with people.
  14. I USED TO LOVE THIS WOMAN. i’ve followed her ever since she initially released the original controlled chaos. her recent music is honestly atrocious and the way she has presented herself online the past few years makes me want to gag but i’ll always be attached to her old era when she had green hair and made original music that spoke to your heart. she also took down an entire album called xix that you can find on youtube as well as the original controlled chaos with two deleted songs. after those two albums her career went downhill and i’ll never get over it. she’s the definition of an annoying, spoiled brat now but again i’ll always love her because of who she was + her music from years ago.
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