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  1. CoochieSwirlC

    Melanie Martinez

    Part of me really wants her to speak out about this again cause the way most of her fans have treated Timothy for the past several years is absolutely vile and disgusting. Yet she didn't bother telling any of her fans to stop threatening people until it came to that obnoxious ex-boyfriend of hers
  2. Last Friday Night came on right after the music video premiere reminded me how good her music used to be
  3. CoochieSwirlC

    Melanie Martinez

    The extreme wave of regret is hitting me for not giving the Trilogy tour a chance. I now realize that I missed out on potentially the best tour of her entire career
  4. CoochieSwirlC

    Melanie Martinez

    Can someone re-up the files?
  5. New album next Friday !!! The cover art is gorjus
  6. Heard the song already, is this really the best she can do?
  7. CoochieSwirlC

    Charli XCX

    Look at all those stan twitter twinks in the comments dragging her for debuting with 60k. Before they were all seething over her Metacritic score. An AOTY nom is guaranteed to send all of them in a downward spiral
  8. CoochieSwirlC

    Charli XCX

    So does that make HIFN not an experimental album? Cuz, it sure as hell sounds like one to me
  9. CoochieSwirlC

    Charli XCX

    She's so evil for this
  10. CoochieSwirlC

    Melanie Martinez

    We've been saying this since 2016. She's not getting any better unfortunately.
  11. you know damn well Charli STD wasn't the first one to use those aethetics for their era; so why is she being mentioned?
  12. CoochieSwirlC

    Melanie Martinez

    Me blocking every vinyl concept spam account after being deceived by them a thousand times (why are so many of them Melanie related???)
  13. CoochieSwirlC

    Melanie Martinez

    So she's just performing in front of a LED the entire show and skipping songs? I'm glad I saw her perform when I did. I wouldn't pay money to see this crap.
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