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  1. Great point! In a way, her realizing that she can simply be "okay" is growth in of itself
  2. I find it interesting that back in 2017 Lana's reason for not including Yosemite was that she felt she wasn't yet mentally and spiritually in the (happy?) place where the song was and still in interviews she is saying she's not quite sure she's reached the place where she has been heading
  3. I’m convinced some of y’all simply have zero idea what trap music is
  4. Do we have a description of White Dress production-wise? Is it a slow burn like the other two or more dynamic?
  5. some of y'all are way too sensitive, I'm sorry
  6. Isn't this like REALLY good Do we know how to compare that with LMLYLAW?
  7. I wish we could do something to show her how much we love her. I want her to know how much she's appreciated
  8. Do we think her “controversial” statements will negatively impact her scores with critics?
  9. I'm confused about her comments regarding the rest of the album. "It feels very much like when you're reaching in a relationship, beckoning it like 'ugh I just want it so bad' I felt very much like that with Chemtrails. But not so much with the title track. I feel like the title track and songs like White Dress, I think are really really good. In the last 7 months I really wanted more for myself and jack but he was gone..." To me this sounds like she's saying she's not super confident about a majority of the album. The way she names just those two tracks and says they're "really good songs" sounds like she's contrasting them with the rest of the project (?). Does she mean just thematically about "the place she's going spiritually and emotionally" or is she talking about the quality of the songs? Her wording was confusing. Also when she says she "wanted more" does she mean she wanted to work more on the project and feels it isn't done? This would reflect the interview she did with Jack last year...
  10. As much as I personally don't like the cover (I'm not gonna lie to myself) it does give off classic indie record vibes and I like how it fits the title
  11. It is now 4 AM and I will be heading to bed xoxo we have a big 48 hours ahead of us! Goodnight loves!
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