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  1. One of the few times I think the album actually might sound better on Spotify, there’s almost too much space in the Apple Music link and it loses a bit of impact.
  2. It is, but starting with Grandfather, it becomes much more instrumentally complex. Those last 6 songs are much more diverse! Should have been Grandfather but not mad
  3. The way I switched on Fingertips, a career highlight lowkey. It’s integral to her story.
  4. Candy Necklace really tied this record together. It’s an essential track to the albums flow
  5. I hope you know that you truly are the second most famous person in the LDR Cinematic Universe behind Lana herself
  6. being either a Christian or a pastor isn’t an excuse to support bigotry and (let’s be honest) down right objectivity stupidity. Lana is totally not spared from criticism. This man being on her album is an open endorsement of his Republican views and I can’t support that. Somebody who is anti-abortion shouldn’t be uplifted by someone who allegedly cares about social causes (Lana). She can easily find a church that is non-denominational and/or progressive. There are plenty. The church on my corner has both BLM and pride flags flying and donates to Planned Parenthood. Stop making excuses for her. Looking forward to that mess of an interlude being the least streamed track on the album. It’s so uncomfortable
  7. I still can’t figure out for the life of me why so many reviewers simply haven’t even mentioned Candy Necklace. This song is such a mystery. I only listened once because it’s LQ but
  8. the gays never beating the can’t do math allegations huh Edit: I was in fact the one who couldn’t do the math
  9. I hate that Fishstail and TT are just okay to me. I don’t like Jack’s trap-lite stuff at all personally. It sounds too Taylor’d
  10. Joanna is the best comparison I can think of. There are core melodies that are repeated throughout the song but structure wise it is very rambling and doesn’t conform to a specific bpm/tempo. Ys era Joanna, for sure.
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