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  1. White Dress

    Melanie Martinez

    K-12 wasn’t good so I’m not particularly excited for its leftovers if they’re even poorer quality than that. Hope her next album is more similar to Crybaby
  2. TFJ didn't really do too much for me if I'm being honest , the chord progression is a little tired, personally. It's simple and direct but I fear it will get old fast like White Mustang's... then again we've only heard like 30 seconds of what sounds to be a verse (?) or secondary refrain so I'm holding back judgement until we hear the full thing (which very well may be a 10 minute long epic)
  3. can anybody explain why we believe there is a post coming on Tuesday
  4. I've been listening to Mazzy Star for the past month and I just can't stop. I'd love her to do something like these:
  5. why Wednesday? and can someone update me on whatever this Byron person said... who even is he
  6. Honestly, I don't mind waiting a few months for the album. I'd love a proper album roll out with a trailer, at least 3 singles/promo tracks, a couple videos, interviews, etc. That being said, I am STARVING for new music
  7. White Dress

    Melanie Martinez

    I miss her Cry Baby sound so much, K-12 was just not it. Something is really lacking about the production, which is ironic because it’s sort of similar to CB but lacks the darkness and detail. Did WDBCF? leak yet? That’s kind of her best song... along with Bombs On Monday, Sippy Cup and Pity Party
  8. I’m not sure why you would want that. Lana’s artistry is much different and those songs are pretty generic and meant for children
  9. That corny man doesn’t know anything. Anyways, how many tracks to y’all want? I don’t want any more than 14 and please no interludes, they’re a waste in my opinion. I’d love some uniquely structured tracks but simply adding “interlude” to the title sort of devalues them in a way
  10. White Dress

    Charli XCX

    February 2017 Click Official Controversial option, but NLC sounds odd to me - the mixing of the snares just throws the whole song off for me, it’s a weird sensation idk how to describe it but something just sounds off
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