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  1. March has just always sounded most realistic, idk why
  2. White Dress

    Charli XCX

    I would LOVE this, her music needs texture again after the slickness or Crash
  3. So I'm back from my toilet water ceremony and while I kept it more internal, near the end I focused in on lana For the album cover I saw the Instagram post Lana made congratulating Ed and Ben on their work for Eurovision But Ed was facing the left, so that image of the magazine cover they were on but mirrored. I also saw a LOT of scat
  4. I wish I enjoyed this album but it just misses the mark in so many ways. My biggest issue is how atrocious the mixing is. It’s so disappointing because there are good ideas competing with each other to make one big, bloated mess.
  5. White Dress

    Charli XCX

    Idc what she does next as long as it’s with AG A lot of Crash feels very bland and one dimensional to me due to his very minimal presence
  6. Are we really at such a low point that we’re teasing lyrics cmon now
  7. *** **c****a***c* on my ***o*
  8. I’ve consulted the scat and it says we are getting a new album within the next few years
  9. I don’t understand insiders doing the whole “you guys doubted me, I’m insecure about sharing anything now because you guys are meanies 🥺” thing… like girl why WOULD we just instantly believe you? And if you’re coming on here LOOKING to be heard and “believed” then that’s a problem to take up with your therapist, not internet f words just spill your tea and we will believe it or we won’t… doesn’t change how legitimate it is, now does it?
  10. I will not trust an insider until they give us a definitive descriptor of what the record sounds like. It’s a pretty simple thing to disclose Has anybody done that yet? Ready to be proven wrong!
  11. Even after this drops in 2024, she is likely going to take a break for 5 years and then the next project won't be out until 2040 It's impossible to be an active fan
  12. I hope this doesn't come off as offensive but is she an addict?
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