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  1. kesha followed hayden on instagram yesterday!!!
  2. skyptolemaea


    i would love a remaster of her mixtape but there's 2 problems 1. the ego sample in candy, fader probably wouldnt clear it 2. robokid being credited as a writer on 98% of the mixtape
  3. if i was her i would release some ashmedai songs or miss anhedonia songs in 2 albums and leaveee, its a fact she hates luke and probably hates how he profits from her music
  4. how long is her contract with prescription songs? does she has to release albums, a certain number of songs or is for for an amount of years (she signed in 2020) to be free (im curious about this since prescription contracts seem to be really long)
  5. skyptolemaea


    i wonder what would happen if she gets caught for the main sample in candy
  6. remember that she signed a publishing deal with Secretly Canadian last year, manifesting she signs with one of their labels like dead oceans or ninja tune so we can finally get masochism (sky’s version)
  7. she’s not listed as an artist on capitol’s website anymore… Night Time, My Time (Sky’s Version) is alive and breathing
  8. skyptolemaea


    those d* ***e writers…
  9. she can re-record it, but she needs to get dropped by capitol or release 2 more albums because of the contract
  10. pretty dull better l word today, I NEED THAT SONG ON MY APPLE MUSIC LIBRARY
  11. when her contract with prescription ends, can hayden re-record or buy the publishing rights of everything released/recorded under that contract? she already owns her masters but she doesn’t own the publishing rights, she probably hates the fact that l**e gets royalties
  12. imagine a re-recording of Perfectionist and Trouble with some unreleased songs as bonus tracks imagine… Trouble (Teddy’s Version), she gets all the producers + her husband to reproduce the songs
  13. is she still signed to prescription songs for her publishing? i know she’s still with twin music but im curious about this
  14. skyptolemaea

    Charli XCX

    do y’all think atlantic will make her put speed drive on the album?
  15. she’s still under prescription songs??
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