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  1. Oh wow that's crazy, I never heard Lady of a gangster, Don't Tell 'Em, Zoo, or Vodka Soda before those leaks!
  2. 7 leaks https://www.pophatesflops.com/topic/16685-latest-leaks/?do=findComment&comment=315293
  3. icyyypisces

    Ayesha Erotica

    Oh so it's not......
  4. There are fans like that for every fandom/artist tho to be fair lol Teddy stans have put up with a lot. And by "a lot" I mean basically nothing at the same time.
  5. I can't imagine such a talented song writer like Teddy still relying on songs from 2015-2021 to be on the comeback album. I'm sorry but that just doesn't cut it. I don't mean she wouldn't re-use maybe some material, I bet old songs will be on it (if it even exists) but I'd hope for something fresh.. Bring on the mass of dead material!
  6. icyyypisces

    Charli XCX

    I'm sorry y'all are fake liking the basic album cover to feel edgy but would hate on it if it was an artist that you don't stan.. We are supporting and giving money (in a society where no one has much money anymore) to this project, effort is sexy!
  7. icyyypisces

    Charli XCX

    The green cover made on Paint (Windows 2 Version) can't be official, right?
  8. Could you please post songs that will not be on CY1 or probably never released? Older stuff from like 2015-17 is ideal. Edit: oop user banned
  9. Also, where are these being leaked? Is there a discord or something? I need to be in the loop
  10. icyyypisces

    Does anyone know years/eras for any of these?
  11. The way I need all of these
  12. Do you ever get the feeling that nothing will ever leak again... do people even still have more unreleased?? Or feel like CY will never release music again, at least a full length.
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