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  1. can i ask why i see a lot of fans go SO hard against lana doing trap-esque music???
  2. keps2013

    Kali Uchis

    cover is a hot mess, but i’m excited for the music nonetheless!! 15 tracks is filling!!!!! can’t wait
  3. keps2013

    FKA twigs

    as much as i love twigs, these snippets sound insufferable
  4. keps2013

    FKA twigs

    So I know you’re gonna carry me hooooome…
  5. keps2013

    FKA twigs

    yesss I have this video saved!
  6. keps2013

    FKA twigs

    does this one have a name?? im so obsessed. i need another song to beg for
  7. Your Band Is All The Rage & All Smiles
  8. keps2013

    Lana Del Rey Heardle

    Lana Del Rey Heardle #263 🔊🟩⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️ https://lana-del-rey-heardle.netlify.app/ WITHIN ONE SECOND!!!!! my fave song off of this record omg
  9. how can i stay sugary sweet!?
  10. please. the reminder of white pontiac and axl alt versions
  11. do you know what song “the city streets have gotten you down” is from
  12. THANK YOUUU OMG IVE BEEN DYING TO KNOW THIS BOZ said a long time ago it wasn’t worked on when it was on the tracklist, correct me if i’m wrong
  13. you didnt ask me but Damn You alt leaked from his youtube along with other songs he uploaded
  14. do you know who produced Valley of The Dolls? We know it’s a voice memo but did anyone send the beat to her?
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