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  1. PCM86


    What an STELLAR album she made. But girl you destroyed "I Took a Little Something" please if anyone's reading put the 2011 version and delete this before you regret. Everything else is a 10/10. What an album, so easy to listen to.
  2. PCM86

    Tove Lo

    Hate that this is only 4 songs long after all the hype and the waiting... BUT it's so good I'll take it anyway. Heat is a super banger.
  3. PCM86

    Charli XCX

    360 is such a bop, best song on the album in my opinon. So infectious. Is the opener for a reason.
  4. PCM86

    Sabrina Carpenter

    Ok, I love this now, even though I expected something else. This is smashing though: First day: #9 Global #5 US #8 UK
  5. PCM86

    Sabrina Carpenter

    Ok It hurts me to recognize I was wrong. I expected another summer bop, an upbeat funky track judging from that teaser. Those teaser sounds appears just like 10 to 15 seconds throughout all the song, I am so sad. I hate when they tease wrongly like this. I still like this though, I just expected something totally different but really love the vídeo and the lyrics are genius. Shame it is a midtempo track. I will get used to it I guess.
  6. PCM86

    Sabrina Carpenter

    I have a feeling it will be even better. That bass is amazing and the line we know is iconic. "Please, don't bring me to tears when I just did my makeup so nice". Just pure pop poetry.
  7. PCM86

    Sabrina Carpenter

    I love the album cover, it's simple but effective. The CD design is amazing too. Can't wait for this. It's a shame she is releasing this at the end of summer when this era is screaming summer vibe all over the place. Should have released it end of this month or early July.
  8. Well, there is. She must have desire to work and sis seems more interested on everything except that though.
  9. PCM86

    Willa Ford

    Yeah like two iconic singles and videos and she did that woman anthem in 2003 when almost no one else was doing it. We welcome you back to the game Willa!
  10. It's so tiring. At least she confirmed a new song and that the album is finished and coming (later this year?) But I find hilarious that she is saying she needs that "spark" to release the album. Girl, if in 10 years you didn't have it with the album what is gonna change now?. I kinda feel bad for her because as she says, no one's gonna give her back those 10 years both personally and professionally but I'm not sure what is holding her back this time to release it now that she actually CAN. I guess she went through hell though.
  11. PCM86

    Willa Ford

    Apparently the album will be upbeat, she said "sure is!" when I asked her and that she "can't wait to share it" which I guess it means it's more advanced than I thought.
  12. Well, certainly the title chosen for the supposed second album was well chosen because it definitely is being a torture waiting for it.
  13. PCM86

    Camila Cabello

    A Lana colab and it's just an interlude, lol No hope for this album. Everything seems so forced... but will listen to it because I'm intrigued. Also that blonde hair... she doesn't look good with it.
  14. PCM86

    Willa Ford

    Ok so she confirmed on an instagram story that an album (and an interior design TV show) is in the works. 20 years later after her last single "A Toast to Men". I guess you remember her (only) hit "I Wanna Be Bad" from 2001 and if you don't you are not a true pop culture fan, lol. Her debut album "Willa was Here" is one of the best pop albums of the bubblegumpop era. Willa Ford - I Wanna Be Bad (2001) - YouTube She quit music after so many disappointments and has been asked about returning for many years. Her unreleased album "Sexysexobsessive" remains unleaked except for a handful of songs. In 2019 she came back to spotlight because she was on a TV show of interior design and had multiple interviews. In all of them she was asked about returning to music and always said no. She confirmed she was still writing songs though. Apparentely she is coming with disco/dance/upbeat music (asked her about it), which is good news in my book, I was afraid about folk/country music. I don't know why her change of heart but I'm glad. She said she "connected" again with it because she was meant for creating art in one way (music) or another (interior design).
  15. PCM86

    Sabrina Carpenter

    Her previous one is immaculate. I expect this one to be more upbeat and with a nice vintage booklet. Don't prove me wrong, girl.
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