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  1. omg girl i am so happy for you 🥹 she loves youuu
  2. uuugghhh i wanna buy it but im seeing taylor tmrw and i savdd up for merch
  3. jadee

    Instagram Updates

    honeymoon is dead and not breathing
  4. jadee

    Instagram Updates

    honeymoon had way too much sentimental value to me wtf 😔
  5. jadee

    Instagram Updates

    ?!!?!?! WHATT IS GOING AWN
  6. okay weird i got an email with like the non pink and yellow theme just a simple email from their team saying july 30th, then i got the regular pink and yellow email that says june 30th so hopefully it changed/was a mistake?
  7. oh my fucking goddd my lighter got delayed till JULY 30TH. this is actually insane, i ordered the lighter the DAY IT CAME OUTT
  8. jadee

    Taylor Swift

    oh ik about that but im talking about the visuals for the karma remix since they look very high quality & high production so i wouldnt be suprised if there was a mv
  9. sorry for posting 3 times in a row ehehe but oh my goddd their voices compliment eachother so well god i love them, and this song also ice spice's GRRAH LOL
  10. zamn u guys are haters like someone else said in this thread, (forgot who lol) yall didnt like that sotb didnt have enough lana and now it does and people still dont like it😔 still valid though everyone has their opinions
  11. jadee

    Taylor Swift

    i get why people r saying that but its very much not a pr move because this was probably recorded way before matty and taylor were seen together, since it looks like there's a music video too
  12. if ur not excited and ur just gonna be negative towards the people who are then dont post in the thread simple
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