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  1. I’m scared to cancel any of my orders. I still have ptsd from Walmarts lfl coke bottle clear vinyl mania drop
  2. Kinda surprising seeing a pretty rare record become common. I’m all for repressing limited releases but they should definitely keep it under 10k because it no longer becomes a limited release
  3. Yeah there are definitely going to be multiple restocks from now until September. They should def limit it to under 10k tho
  4. Okay I just ordered off the us site and added the chemtrails transparent vinyl for $28. I’m going to cancel my Canadian order once I receive a confirmation email
  5. Missed out on the US site so I purchased on the Canadian site and used a discount code. Pricing was pretty much the same if I purchased on US
  6. I’m from the US and ordered my lighter from the UK store and it finally arrived!!!
  7. I just got my whistle and pill case…the quality of the whistle sucks tbh if anyone is on the fence about getting it I don’t recommend it
  8. I bought it.. have every variant except the standard black (ill get it eventually) does anyone know how many copies are left on the US site
  9. i think they are bringing it back..there has to be another merch drop on release day or even before..so who knows
  10. yeah the least they could do is provide free shipping if they continue to do mini drops like these...
  11. i bought the pill case, the whistle, and bought the lighter when it first dropped....dont know what ill use them for but at least theyll all look cute together on my desk
  12. ldr15off works on the US site but once i put in my info the discount goes away....tried making a new account but still doesnt work
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