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  1. Be Free

    Holly Macve

    I didn't know this!!! Holly said Lana was her fave in her most recent interview too. Crazy!
  2. Be Free

    Holly Macve

    Hello everyone! I've been listening to this girl since 2020 and she has a new album coming out on May 14th. Definitely check her out! Lana's UV mixer is working on her album. The production of her singles is EXCELLENT. Eye of the Storm: Wonder: (first time I heard this song I was amazed by how much it sounds like Valley of the Dolls by Lana) Daddy's Gone: Be My Friend Little, Lonely Heart: You can pre-order her album here: https://hollymacve.lnk.to/notthegirl Tracklist: .Bird .Eye of the Storm* .Be my Friend* .You Can Do Better .Daddy's Gone* .Little Lonely Heart* .Sweet Marie .Who Am I .Not the Girl .Behind the Flowers .Lonely Road *already released. Wonder not included in album Give her a listen if you can!
  3. Every song of her is so monotonous now... Wish she would come up with something new
  4. Lana a week ago: i'm not sure about my next album Lana minutes ago: NEW ALBUM IN LESS THAN 3 MONTHS
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