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  1. Yep, I'm pretty sure it's a video by Chuck since that girl Jordan and Chuck both work for @operator.media
  2. Comparison between Sheridan's story and Alana's post, call me crazy but I think it's the same place guessing from the mountains in the back and the sky/clouds eeek
  3. Bailey is Chuck & Lana's friend, she's the person behind tigratigra.com, girl on the left is her
  4. this looks so cool imo, i think it definitely is a lana project
  5. @katebusho you can see someone is holding a microphone too! i believe @alanabc was there as well, since the posts she just made (both on stories / instagram) look like it could be from the same place! bet sheridan was there too
  6. not at all! it was all a lie, he even met her at Super Bock Super Rock festival last year 💀
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