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  1. I actually think HeadBitch, Surf Noir, and Be Free are more knowledgeable on this part of her life, rather than me lol. But for me personally, I don’t think of those years as an era (2005-2006). Artistically, she went by May Jailer, but for people in her personal life, literally no one called her that & she went by Lizzy Grant still. I want to say that she was in her 1st/ 2nd year of college at Fordham then and was just diving into the NY music scene, attending and singing at events held by her Prof. Mark Naison + places around her campus. I also think she started dating Mikey Martin from Shiny Toy Guns in early/ mid 2006 & made friends with Kim Garrison (another NY musician) through him. AKA & in short, she was college oriented and was just starting to focus her attention onto a future career in music. *We also have no dated photos of LDR from 2005 (besides a few with just the year attached/ guessed - or one possibly on December 31st, 2005). However, there are confirmed videos from that time, that still have not & likely will not leak anytime soon rip.
  2. There is no Lizzie Grant credit - my dreams were built up & crushed in the same day rip
  3. not even a 2023 update will make me exchange the “y” for an “ie” 😭
  4. The combination of letters, making up her name on the screen is serving **** in a god honoring way 🙏
  5. I had a metaphorical seizure when I saw it under Lizzie Grant on Apple Music, help-
  6. HELP-, my comment was included as something hateful - that was not my intention. I thought we were giving reviews 😭 @Surf Noir @fl0r1dakil0s can contest to that… hopefully. I just thought that the portion that I am knowledgeable with was shallow; I don’t think her early career has ever been done justice in the form of a biographical book. You set up her early life as a binary between the process of creating records to put out and romantic relationships - which is certainly not how a lot of us here envision those years for her. So many other things influenced her music career such as her mentors, life as a college student, financial position, friends, etc. As a positive, I will say that the early album descriptions were thought out. For your challenge, this site is the most exhaustive biography out there. Best, - lizzyology
  7. We’re reading Jared Woods’ Burn Book, which is filled with cruel and nasty rumors about all the members in the forum and fandom *I’m kidding lol
  8. @fl0r1dakil0sI just engaged in subscribing to amazon’s kindle out of curiosity. I read through the parts that I am knowledgeable about. From my POV, it has major gaps in her mentors and friends from 2006-2010, and instead fills up the space with relationships and Princess Superstar (who really had no influence, besides introducing Ben to her). If you really wanted to know about her early career and music - you get a small fraction in the biography. There is so much more depth to those years, than what is written about (to me at least). I’m sure the rest is good, but for me personally, I could live without it - that portion is shallow to me lol.
  9. I’m too lazy to subscribe for a Kindle account - I’ll wait for a pdf or something 😭😭😭 **Or I’ll just respond when something from that chapter pops up here
  10. I’m in a period of mourning, now that the song has been removed from her channel 😭😭😭
  11. I ordered, but idk how I’m going to tell those that enter my room why Honeyboob is on my wall
  12. Iconic thread already - 6 pages of people responding to someone coming out of the woodwork with a post that missed the mark lmaooo
  13. PLEASESEEEE, this is not my first rodeo… but that has to be the single-most, ugliest watermark that I have ever seen on an LDR photo 😂😂😂 The way I could be doing the same thing every day, for the next 2 months on different photos & choose not to 💀
  14. The girl who posted it (@brooklynbabie on TikTok; Lana follows here there) actually messaged me about this! It was originally under a video of her and her friend wandering around Coney Island lol
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