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  1. Not me getting hot flashes when seeing that fan’s IG handle everywhere today - I’ll be in the ER by the end of the night
  2. The way I ended up here- N e ways -don't forget me like the tunnel under ocean boulevard
  3. Betty boop boop is one of the, if not her most lyrically complex and innovative songs that she has released throughout her entire career. You are just very jealous that it outcompetes every record she has put out & secretly want it released on an album - the slay cannot be handled
  4. As an unofficial <2010 Lana archivist, I can confirm this is true - I have documents showcasing that she used to do this at the Monterey Bay Aquarium in a lobster suit
  5. We’ll see if Charlie’s Christmas party tomorrow will change anything, as Princess Superstar is performing there & the question is fresh in her mind (as of literally 2 days ago).
  6. Just to add here, as I only mentioned it in a status update… Both Princess Superstar versions of Hundred Dollar Bill and Diet Mtn. Dew have likely been lost forever. She searched for ~2 months in her files, and checked with Kalae All Day (who did a rap portion). Neither have it anymore *Edit - not sure if anyone else would have the studio versions (they were intended to release according to Kalae), as PS produced those versions However, I was told by some people running a Jan 2010 event, that a live performance video exists (?) - but I sleuthed my way through a given list of people w/ all dead ends
  7. Time to advocate for myself, as I feel that I have slayed for much of the year in the corner, have I not? So... vote me, forUnderrated Member of the year - I will go back to the corner now
  8. I still disagree, but that’s okay :] I just think there’s a time and place for that - I personally wouldn’t take a stranger’s livestream as an “implied” invite to drive down to their current location in the middle of the night
  9. Idk, that’s creepy of him to track down her current location, when she was having car troubles and go, even if she was okay with it 😭 If dat1guitar guy were to do the same thing, there would be a riot on IG lmao
  10. The way there are almost 200 people here- It’s giving college seminar 😭
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