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  1. A review of the performance on Stereogum's website. The words "her" and "material" hyperlink to the Video Games and Blue Jeans music videos, so it seems like those songs were also part of the setlist (which would definitely make sense). Blog-critic lightning rod Lana Del Rey performed a “secret” tune-up set last night for a crowd of folded arms at the Glasslands Gallery on Kent Ave. She was billed as the Queen Of Coney Island, did her material along with a Sinatra cover (“It Was A Very Good Year”), and had a backing band full of dudes who look like they dine out on jazz-fusion instructional DVDs. Also, she chewed a lot of gum. Ryan Muir was on hand to take photos, which you can check out above. The show was a warm up for official gigs at the Box in NYC (9/21) and Hotel Café in L.A. (9/27) https://www.stereogum.com/812271/lana-del-rey-glasslands-williamsburg-91411/photo/
  2. @Elle the venue is Glasslands Gallery, not Grasslands Gallery, any chance you could fix the OP? Also here are the links to two YT videos of the performance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BBlZEVEZKfs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-V5zMnI5aT0 This performance is my Roman Empire lol
  3. They’re disgusting I’m delicious He's from South Beach In his white tee Said that I could Be his wifey
  4. As a law student the way I knew exactly what you were talking about
  5. I caved and bought a copy on Ebay. It was $25 which wasn’t too bad compared to buying a copy on the NYT store and potentially not getting the Lana cover!
  6. The NYT store responded to my email. Sounds like if you order the issue online, the cover you get is random "The T magazine was featured in the April 23 issue but it is not sold separately. You can purchase a copy of the complete newspaper for that day via the link below which will include the magazine but since there are 6 different covers, we cannot provide a specific cover, the one you receive will be random." Now I have to decide whether to take a chance by ordering it online and praying that I get the Lana cover @rosemead ramada where did you get your copy?
  7. Got it, thanks so much for the info! It looks like you can order back issues from their website, but since there were different covers, I wonder if there’s a way to specify the Lana/Joan cover. I’m gonna send them an email and I’ll keep you posted what they come back with
  8. You’re screwed up and brilliant Look like a million dollar man So why is my heart broke? the double entendre here is genius
  9. This might be a dumb question but does anyone know if physical copies of this interview/shoot were released along with The NY Times Sunday edition? Is that how the magazine works? I would love to have a copy of this! I agree that this isn’t the best shoot ever but Lana + Joan + the chicken is iconic
  10. @maysparkle @Favorite Ever I emailed them yesterday and they replied pretty much right away saying that the issues were dispatched and it can take up to 6 weeks for them to arrive to the US. They said to email them again if I haven’t received them after 6 weeks….but I ordered the magazines 7 weeks ago So I’m gonna give them until next week and send another email if I haven’t gotten them yet
  11. I gotta figure out how to upload pics on here haha but @rosemead ramada posted pics!
  12. Carmen - I always liked it but it wasn’t one of my favorites from BTD. Eleven years later and it finally grew to be one of my favorites from the album
  13. I live in a small college town so I thought if I got there like 45 minutes after open I’d be able to get my hands on Elton, Wilco or the 1975 (I figured Taylor would be sold out). I guess my store didn’t get that much cuz they were sold out of so much! I was able to snag the Cure record though which looks super cool so I’m excited for that Plus I found some great used vinyls in the bargain bins which always makes me happy so it wasn’t a total flop
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