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  1. But wouldn’t it say ft. Lana Del Rey if it was only quavos?
  2. Lanascherrypie


    It kinda sounds like “the mirror” or is it just me
  3. I’d 100% rather have a 2 hour show tbh
  4. Wasn’t there a snippet of the remake of psb that was meant for “blue banisters” then “lasso”
  5. I think groupie love was sung live in 2017
  6. Really hope it leaks some day and I can tell by the snippet we have the song is definitely life changing
  7. I need more information abt vacation like I’ll take anything it’s such an interesting beachy type song! I know someone must have it and I know it won’t leak soon but atleast leak lyrics or more info on it! Ty if you do
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