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  1. please I am begging mr Ben mr ed please just do this for me ….also go back in time and release pink champagne and angels forever
  2. lmao yeah I’m just going to pull up the James Ford demo on my files app
  3. That’s how I felt..I love the lyrics but it was strictly piano and not interesting piano at that. The first half of the album is A tier
  4. Y’all I had the chance to listen to this album drunk 3 times consecutively last night, and then again twice this morning.None of my irl friends listen to Lana and I love discussing 1.A&W 2.Candy Necklace 3.Sweet 4.Did you know that there’s a tunnel under Ocean Blvd 5.Jon Batiste Interlude 6.Paris, Texas 7.Kintsugi 8.The Grants 9.Judah Smith Interlude 10.Let The Light In 11.Grandfather please stand on the shoulders of my father while he’s deep-sea fishing 12.Fingertips 13.Fishtail 14.Taco Truck 15.Margaret 16.Peppers Hopefully some of the bottom tier ones will grow on me
  5. going to get crucified as a minority but peppers was one of my least favorites if not my least favorite.. I liked the lyrics (aside from hands on your knees) but the production/chorus was not it for me…that said stream candy necklace
  6. Babes you’ve ruined me. I’m going to crack and listen to Peppers… but that’s ALL.
  7. Literally I’m being tortured but I want to experience it in all its glory on the 24th…
  8. Honestly fr. That’s what I said when I first heard OB. I didn’t even like it at first but it grew on me. A&W was def blew my mind because it felt so different to what she’s been doing, but then The Grants was more like OB. (They’re both beautiful songs) But I agree I’m hoping this isn’t a jazzier BB. (I have hope but I agree in BB and COCC being “comfortable” albums and I’m ready to move from the antonoff piano ballads). I just hope she’s happy with what she’s doing, and it seems she is.
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