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  1. I finally have everything (besides titty vinyl) I'm so EXCITED
  2. She's really too good to us. Most people would storm past or sneak out of the airport. She's an angel
  3. Another flop. Wtf is going on here ???
  4. Can't wait to hear it! I'm excited they re-recorded (or maybe this was all a stunt and they've had it the whole time ) Taylor isn't one of my favorite artist, but sis knows how to make hype and sales I mean COME ON. Lana take some notes let's get some vault tracks going
  5. The new necklace looks ...cheap. Hopefully this is just a prototype version. The original looked so much more luxurious, this looks like a quarter machine piece of jewelry
  6. The ONLY thing that peaves me about this release is the sped up version. Tiktok has created such a weird obsession with pitched up songs If y'all wanted Alvin and the Chipmunks just say that
  7. I agree, I'm excited to see what this brings! Even though it may be the beginning of the end of the Lana Del Rey era.
  8. I had the chance to finally watch the video all the way through and WOW. I'll be honest the interruptions initially irritated me a bit, but watching it again, I get it. I hope she works with this director again, this was a true work of art.
  9. It keeps interrupting the flow of the song and video
  10. This feels a lot like a behind the scenes sort of video that you'd release after the original. An extra content type thing. She looks stunning, and the shots are beautiful! Maybe when I have more time to watch it, in its entirety (I'm at work so I only made it to minute 4) I'll understand the concept more. For right now I'm just a little confused hmm
  11. Neil has been BUSY this era He always gives us the serves we deserve
  12. Someone messed up on their end. Hoping for the best for you! 🤞
  13. 1. Honeymoon 2. The Grants 3. White Dress 4. Cruel World 5. Born to Die 6. Ride 7. Love 8. Norman Fucking Rockwell 10. Textbook (I LOVE LOVE the instrumental, but the Lyrics are kind of clunky & a little cringe worthy 😭)
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