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  1. I feel like Lana and her team like to post shit just to get us excited for no reason lmaoo like they know we're gunna go full delulu and cause hype
  2. That's so lame! Instagram hasn't been the same in years, I miss the old fan account days
  3. What's up with all the Lana fan accounts getting banned ?
  4. Oooh this! Serving vibes like Marilyn in her last movie, The Misfits.
  5. Never got the email 🙄 Thank God for lanaboards
  6. Someone get a lanaboards member on the design team PLEASE
  7. https://youtu.be/6fk_i1oPR2U?si=gds_pmuKFKYKo5If I Lied - Lord Huron
  8. She said fuck a Grammy, CMA's here I come
  9. Wasn't she just seen at a gun range? Hey, this + the country album, she's fully in her yeehaw era. I was JUST thinking about this 😭 I love her lmaooo
  10. lizzycobain

    Song vs. Song

    Wait for life vs you'll never walk alone
  11. Fingertips has been on my mind for weeks. Particularly "Will I die, or will I get to that ten year mark..."
  12. I love thiissss My interpolation of the lyrics make me laugh to myself everytime
  13. Country/Folk vibes are becoming one of my favorite from Lana. Funny how she kinda started with that sound, and she's returning to it now I love it sm
  14. This is the worst part of snippets 😭 She plays too much, it could be released this Friday or in 2 years
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