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  1. yes a demo has leaked and she uses the whole instrumental for the song
  2. the reason lana brought camila on stage being because she sampled born to die for a track on her new album
  3. she genuinely doesn't care tho. she mentioned the kanye call cause the interview was a look back into all the things that happened to her personally. she has multiple friends that had a skim campaign that she's still good friends with and she even hung out with hailey bieber during a party despite her coming in support of scooter in 2019.
  4. she really grabbed one of her btd wigs for this one. she's never looked better im obsessed
  5. dyktatuob

    Nicki Minaj

    now u know damn well race has nothing to do with it
  6. i think maybe the performances were at the grammys museum
  7. it's true that celebs are not supposed to speak up on things like this as they're not politicians but lana kinda dug her grave cause nobody had an issue with her not speaking up but with the fact that she involved herself and indirectly supported the genocide
  8. don't want to speak too soon but she's never been so close to a grammy like her team's doing everything right this time
  9. Lana Del Rey Grammys Submissions: • Did You Know That There’s A Tunnel (album) – AOTY, Alt Album • A&W – ROTY, SOTY, Alt Perf • Did You Know That There’s A Tunner Under Ocean Blvd (song) – Pop Solo Perf • Candy Necklace – Pop Duo/Group Perf, BMV • Life Lesson – Pop Duo/Group Perf
  10. these are lana's submissions apparently 'Ocean Boulevard': – Album of the Year – Best Pop Vocal Album – Best Engineering Album, Non-Classical. 'A&W': – Record of the Year – Song of the Year – Best Pop Solo Performance – Best Alternative Music Performance 'Candy Necklace (feat. Jon Batiste)': – Best Music Video – Best Pop Duo/Group Performance
  11. dyktatuob

    Taylor Swift

    i have to disagree this is her best merch in awhile
  12. oh yeah she'd be submitting in the r&b categories. i was talking about album of the year category
  13. sza with SOS, morgan wallen with whatever album he came out with, zach bryan album, noah kahn, jon batiste, boygenius etc... there's def a lot of competition but grammys are unpredictable so anything can happen
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