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  1. for the people who are saying the taylor's versions are a cash grab it might seem that way to y'all but she's literally trying to devalue the original versions considering all of them are +10m selling albums with 3 being above 20m
  2. dyktatuob

    Taylor Swift

    nvm the Mr.S screenshot might be edited
  3. dyktatuob

    Taylor Swift

    you're losing me apparently samples need omg 😭😭💗
  4. SYTH, lana festival tour starting soon and now this...her streaming numbers are gonna be insane this year
  5. having to deal with stans who are dragging her current sound and wanting her to go back to btd/uv sound after the spotify numbers dropped is gonna be just as hard as dealing with pretentious lana stans who are calling people basic for liking this song
  6. not at all it's her team handling all the promo so far
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