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  1. Yall have endlessly discussed all the work she’s gotten done to her face so if you we are going by that...then no but Idk I was just curious I apologise if it was offensive
  2. Yall were thinking it I just said it
  3. Serious q did she get a boobalinda job or did they just grow
  4. She really just dropped that pic and left huh
  5. I’m actually really upset by this she could lose a lot of fans for this
  6. As an Irish person I’m incredibly offended
  7. All the time. I set the music industry on fire what’s your favourite colour?
  8. Who’s older than her lmao...Chuck Charlie clay younger than her most of her friends are around her age. Nikki for example is two years older than her. It would be strange for her to be hanging with people in their early 20s.
  9. Acting like an old woman ok....so dumb....if even she’s a lil immature for her age
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