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  1. She looks bored hopefully her bisexual drug lord daddy jack is frolicking nearby
  2. Georgia her best song yup yup
  3. Sorry you didn’t get the reference the stars clearly haven’t aligned for u yet
  4. Hey hookers @whoredragon is a liar and that’s why Derrick don’t like her
  5. Yea cunts gas station kween is back and more delusional than ever
  6. Gone wise up I’m not your sis, gawd you American gays
  7. You’ve had ‘info’ but where is it. Darling those lame, vague and scarce descriptions aren’t going to convince me. You’ll never be eclipse. But I’m glad you had a lovely time I have always wanted to go there.
  8. Lies and fairytales whore, you may think you can fool these other has beens around here but not me. A true insider would keep their message short, sweet and vague your first mistake and secondly I hope you had a nice trip to Joshua tree <3 but I really do miss our dear lost for life.I’m personally debunking you as an insider, you may be a kettle but you certainly don’t contain any tea. xo
  9. Something wicked this way comes
  10. Is something actually happening u crazy whores
  11. A lot of guitar, bass and airy light vocals is what I’m predicting
  12. I just need her to tour and do small intimate venues and COME TO IRELAND she always serves here
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