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  1. you walk like a bITCH
  2. What an interesting interview, the way Billie was describing things must have felt really validating for Lana. Like Billie has been so critically acclaimed and praised by the Grammies etc from the get go, but still feeling the same things Lana felt about having your narrative taken out of context (at the mariners apartment complex)
  3. Where was LTLI crossed out in last weeks set list? I’d do anything to hear her sing it live
  4. Ok but why do these songs have energy today? Like I’m connected. I’m there. The crowd is shouting Arcadia. I’ve seen her vision and I’m on board
  5. I need this live album injected THE LEGEND THAT SHE IS
  6. The slight muffled echo like shes singing in the tunnel. Her mind
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