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  1. If you want a little more….chill a little more
  2. miji beauty bouta be fully booked with people hoping to run into the queen
  3. Good to be back couldn’t y’all use the phrase website suspended instead of account suspended, had me trying to log in on 7 devices the snippet sounds so good
  4. Finally managed to follow Just woke up and I’m four hours late but the queen delivered
  5. Submitted Haven't been on here for long, but all ik for sure is 70 pages in 24 hours pls, Thread of the Year deserved: As well as nicest members @COCC @Super Movie @Surf Noir @DCooper @Alison by Slowdive If I Die Young (On & On & On) for leak of the year
  6. “If everybody likes it maybe it’s not that good”
  7. 1. Text Book 17 2. Blue Banisters 16 3. Arcadia 13 5. Black Bathing Suit 24 6. If You Lie Down With Me 21 7. Beautiful 7 8. Violets for Roses 15 (-1) 9. Dealer 21 10. Thunder 15 11. Wildflower Wildfire 18 12. Nectar of the Gods 15 13. Living Legend 20 14. Cherry Blossom 7 (+1) 15. Sweet Carolina 15
  8. my brother who falls in the lacking-all-tastebuds “all her songs sound the same” camp asked me to turn up the volume when thunder came on just know he’s adding it to all his playlists as we speak
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