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  1. I’m absolutely not about to listen to anything tagged. I can handle LQ audio with hanger noises and background chatter in an Urban Outfitters, but not this.
  2. It’s almost a month. Her albums haven’t leaked this early recently. I know it’s probably because of the delay, but still.
  3. That’s one of my favorite parts of the song and I haven’t really seen anyone mention it until now!
  4. My order of anticipation based on titles and the descriptions we have so far (from most to least): 1. A&W 2. Grandfather… 3. Kintsugi 4. The Grants 5. Taco Truck x VB 6. Paris, Texas 7. Fingertips 8. Fishtail 9. Peppers 10. Candy Necklace 11. Margaret 12. Let the Light In 13. Sweet 14. Jon Batiste Interlude 15. Judah Smith Interlude
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