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  1. To be fair, this is some random remix. Not the remix.
  2. This song feels like it’s about Sean. 👀 I actually think it’s very beautiful. I expected it to be completely awful based on the reactions from earlier.
  3. FFXSoul91

    Taylor Swift

    Because she literally is.
  4. Is the only difference that the instrumental at the bridge is cut shorter? That‘s my assumption, but I can’t find a way to listen.
  5. Same. Both my titty Ocean Blvd vinyl and my violet Speak Now vinyl have had the same status starting on 6/6.
  6. I think it’s a lot clearer on this version. I thought it was “again” too, but it’s definitely “get it on” on all the versions.
  7. My lighter came today and it doesn’t have any major/super noticeable scratches. There are quite a few hairline scratches, especially by where the lighter case opens, but they don’t really show in my pictures.
  8. You can hear the original production from the mic feed, but Thunder is definitely not a YouTube rip. However, Nectar of the Gods, Living Legend, and Cherry Blossom are.
  9. My green vinyl also shipped from KY and I got it today. It is good shape. The only thing I noticed are some small brown-ish yellow spots on the dye on side B. Nothing major enough to complain about though. The green color is much prettier than pictures have shown and is definitely closer to the mock-up than I expected. Has anyone who ordered the lighter heard anything or had theirs shipped? Mine still says it will ship 3/24, but there haven’t been any updates at all. I’m worried they’ll be pushed back like the necklace.
  10. I’m guessing the lighters haven’t shipped out yet. I ordered that along with a copy of the standard CD and haven’t had any updates.
  11. Okay, the sound clipping issues I had with Grandfather in the FLAC I listened to earlier are completely nonexistent in the lossless Apple Music upload. It sounds perfect.
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