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  1. i think she will tho cause she said drakes is on the album but he cleary isnt on the vinyl cause nicki said he only sent her the verse 3 weeks ago, so probably she will release like the standart version first and 3 hours latter the deluxe idk
  2. Tunnel deserves this recognition as much as nfr, both her best albums and its so fascinating seeing all the acclamation
  3. well the vip pit is more on the lateral side of the stage so probably is not that worth it but its definitely more easy to get frontline
  4. I think Tunnel and Desire are the best albums release this year tbh
  5. THIS IS INSANE I cried for 30 mins straight aaa im going to see lana !!!
  6. porto lineup coming tomorrow lets see 🏃‍♀️
  7. honeymooooon

    Song vs. Song

    white dress vs thunder (demo)
  8. primavera sound porto lineup is coming tuesday so lets wait
  9. thank god she is cause i cant deal without her cutting all of the songs of ocean from the setlist to put the new ones and btd songs still remaining intact
  10. OMG LOVE ITT unfortunately she is probably only going to do festival dates next year but still its amazing to know she is going to tour more next year
  11. primavera sound porto, lollapaloza paris, idays milan i think she can go to those
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