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  1. who has contacts with ben and ed here? why they stay quiet this song would be a smash
  2. let the light in never beats the let the smash in allegations https://x.com/spotifylana/status/1760240229200314647?s=46
  3. honeymooooon


    Solar Power(song) debuted with more than 4.000.000 streams, i really dont think that will happen again with L4 lead tbh
  4. honeymooooon

    Dua Lipa

    Was just checking some spotify numbers from 2021 and levitating started to rise on march (despite being on the top 20 since january), got a peak around april and another one around june, and was very stable around june/july and started falling in august. So i dont take people seriously when they say dua is having a downfall this era, we all know her songs take some time to hit peaks but they always stay very stable. houdini is rising since january so im very confident she will go nr1 some day
  5. she didnt won that but she won this instead https://x.com/LDRaddic/status/1757756917877805317?s=20
  6. A&W - this is really a masterpiece and a she really let us see another vision of her story. love her Sweet - Really well made and so beautiful!!! Hope - made me stan lana, no other pop girlie could make a song like hope Fingertips - it makes me cry everytime, so f deep Terrence Loves You - what an heartbreaking song fr, the songwriting just feels soo elegant Video Games - classic. THE first love song ever White Dress - a song that flows the best way possible California - heart of nfr tbh Tomorrow Never Came - i love this one to death and i think it belongs in here
  7. honeymooooon

    Song vs. Song

    cruel world x violets for roses
  8. she winning this i fear but since the disaster that toke place last sunday i wont speak to much about this i dont think she will attend but only because its in the uk tho
  9. does anybody have the full show? i want to check how many "wows" she got when they said the nominees for aoty and soty
  10. wheres that print of the guys on instagram that said “last day of votting suprised me”?
  11. im more MORE anoyed by billies talk with the “no i dont deserve this, give it to the others” why cant she just accept it and stfu sometimes happy for taylor tho winning 4 aotys is amazing!!! and they way she talked about lana so true happy for victoria monét too, very well deserved
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