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  1. I'm glad already allowed ads on here. I happy to help anyway I can. Im glad everything is okay.
  2. Ooo this looks amazing, I'm down to try to win this
  3. I wanna try to find this made in Canadian pressing of this. I wonder if I order from the Canadian store I will get it.
  4. I got 0.1% for Lana. Even tho I listened to 870 different artist this year. 9,117 minutes of her music. My top five artist was 01. Lana Del Rey 02. Kylie Minogue 03. Britney Spears 04. Lady Gaga 05. Katy Perry My top five songs played 01. Chemtrails over the Country Club 02. White Dress 03. I Love It (Kylie Minogue) 04. Wildflower Wildfire 05. Dark but just a game Top 5 genres 01. Dance Pop 02. J-Pop 03. Art Pop 04. Elecopop 05. K-Pop (I listened to 76 different genres)
  5. So after spending lots of money this past week lol I almost have the full COCC. All I need left is the standard cover cassette, the black vinyl and the target verison of the cd.
  6. I think the only way is to have someone order it for you and forward it to you. I saw many copies of that red pressing at my target. I had to get me one. Also It's more of red translucent, kind like how Born To Die target red vinyl is. I wish it was more like the mock up photo tho.
  7. Your most welcome loves. I'm happy my post helped you get one <3
  8. I was able to get a copy on discogs for retail price. There some other listings that are that price too.
  9. Amazon US just got the standard black vinyl version restocked. Update : never mind lol
  10. I know urban outfitters had copies but they wont ship till the 30th.
  11. I just got my yellow vinyl variant today. Im so happy how the yellow looks and the cover. I also got my brown cassette too. I got lucky and got my red vinyl variant yesterday, safely too, cause I was scared target was gonna ruin it like COCC release with how they shipped it. Now all i need is the 2 Webstore Exclusive CDs and the black vinyl.
  12. Ugh my yellow vinyl got cancelled from the Canada store but it was my bad for giving them the wrong card info but I also did try contact them in time to fix it but they never responded back but to cancel it. So I'm so upset with myself, at least I can still order from the French site. Bright side I got my white vinyl from Amazon and It sounds amazing. Also my red vinyl should be here next week from target.
  13. Yay my white vinyl just came in but I can enjoy it yet, have to go and perform soon for a all drag punk show
  14. Mine too, I'm so excited, my estimated delivery is Tuesday but I'm hoping sooner.
  15. Aw yiss my white variant is finally shipping from Amazon, I got a tracking number officially. Finally my first vinyl variant to come in from this release. Next up is my target order, it says preparing for shipment. I'm super excited about those two. Now my yellow one I have no clue when I get that one since it's coming from Canada.
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