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  1. Are you using Google Chrome? That usually give me that problem. I had to download Firefox browser and after that everything worked.
  2. This was such a wonderful way to wake up today with a new snippet. I'm so happy how Lana sounds with that acoustic guitar.
  3. Now I finally get that message people are getting that they sending me a copy (even though they are out of stock on the US website) with a full refund but I had two different costumer service reps tell they will send a reshipment. So I might get two extra copies. This ridiculously confusing when I have a different rep every email they send me. I feel like an idiot and quoted myself trying to edited my original post 😭😭😭
  4. That's right, I forgot that BB red was a Indies exclusive for other countries and Target exclusive for US only.
  5. Looks like all of Lana's Target exclusives (and all of UMG artist) are removed from the Target website. Apparently UMG ended their years long contract with Target for Target exclusives. So if you see them in person now is the time to probably buy them before prices rise for resale. Also this makes me wonder if they can repress BB red vinyl variant and sale them again like the UO represses of UV and L4L now that exclusive deal endeded. Edit : Turns out it was all fine and all UMG artists target exclusives are back on the site as of today (Dec 27th).
  6. I'm kinda annoyed. I got a tracking code on the 29th of Nov. from that random US restock and Lana's store still hasn't shipped. Its has been more than 2 weeks at this point. Also technically today is the last day to order things to get it before Christmas. I'm like "what's going on? Did they forget about me? Well I even get it this year?" Dec. 24th edit : They literally forgot about me 😭 I messaged them and they said through a shipping error, my record I ordered was never fulfilled and they told me they could reship in stock permits. Which it's out of stock, so they could only offer me a refund. So annoying but I knew deep down this would happen and I glad I bought from a reseller for retail price and got it yesterday 😂
  7. I got mine Tuesday and thank goodness I got flawless copy, it played beautifully but the sleeve had side splits from shipping but thank goodness I replace those PVC sleeves with good inner sleeves.
  8. Thank you for this, I just bought one. I was thinking about not getting it cause I should be saving money but realized I would probably regret not getting it while I can.
  9. That's pretty ridiculous honestly. I'm sorry, hopefully yours ships soon.
  10. I forgot to post this here. Say Yes To Heaven https://shoplanadelrey.com/products/say-yes-to-heaven-7-in-picture-disc-vinyl US Restock preorder set for February.
  11. Back in stock. Not sure how many. https://shoplanadelrey.com/products/lust-for-life-coke-bottle-clear-vinyl?variant=40555158831203
  12. Restock preorders and both ship in February Candy Necklace https://shoplanadelrey.com/products/limited-edition-candy-necklace-7-single Say Yes To Heaven https://shoplanadelrey.com/products/say-yes-to-heaven-7-in-picture-disc-vinyl
  13. Finally my picture disk is now actually shipped. The tracking claims I won't get it tell next Tuesday on December 5th.
  14. This breaks my heart. My heart goes out to all the trans lives loss and their friends and family. Its scary anymore to be yourself. Im trans in the closet cause I live in a small town with alot of conservatives that literally hate me for being myself. Im also a local drag queen, so I get alot of hate cause of that and I'm scared if I actually come out as trans on top of that it will get worse. Also quick thing drag is not equal to trans cause trans is who you are in the inside and drag is a expression of art. But back on topic, Its crazy how people are threatening me, my family, my friends and the people I work with for me being me. I also have local churches protesting my art. I try not to leave the house unless I have to anymore cause of people.
  15. That's what my order is doing and it's super annoying cause I got a tracking number the day of the drop. My tracking is through UPS instead FedEx and my tracking says "waiting on UPS to pick up."
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