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  1. Need minaret to leak in full those 8 seconds alone are enough to send someone to heaven
  2. I just noticed the man singing behind her in midnight blue?? 😭 Who is that
  3. 1. Sex Magixk, edited down to 2 mins to mirror Preface 2. Wound Up 3. Yes Yes Yes 4. First Love 5. Wild and Alone 6. Lost Boy 7. Express Your Needs 8. Fool's Gold 9. Faster 10. Jungle Cafe 11. Wasted Youth I find this makes for a good bombastic opening, and a nice climactic ending after some build up with a slower middle, just like LP1
  4. made a cover for Radiant Me^2 (using a matthew stone photo for thematic cohesion)
  5. 111 pages let's celebrate by dropping levitating in the lobby
  6. https://archive.org/details/diwttiyhdphotoshoot All the single covers were shared in lossless hd by her team on the discord server. I've preserved them here for easy access if anyone wants them for printing/editing/whatever else
  7. This photoshoot just doesn't stop eating
  8. Cecile Believe just confirmed on her discord that she produced it and it's coming out mid October! I'm thinking Pang's anniversary on Oct 18, makes too much sense
  9. Bless ur heart x ~~~ Btw, new snippet sounding more finished https://vt.tiktok.com/ZSNR2TdMC/
  10. Anyone got lyrics for Pinkpantheress' verse on Fly To You? I love her voice but I have no clue wth she's saying half the time
  11. She performed Game Over, Green Heart Purple Heart, Driver Go Faster, and Good At Me alongside Parachute, insomnia and Hit me where it hurts once as far as I know, four of them could be those.
  12. For anyone that missed it, Caroline did another AMA in her server, mentioned that she *might* make an extended version of Smoke during autumn akin to what she did for The Gate; but dancey instead of ambient this time 👀
  13. the way you guys get ahold of leaks of ancient shitty pitch tracks and hassle me to release them when you’re really just trying to flex that you already have them… enjoy your clout but get out of my mentions, i’m making new things
  14. It's the link I sent just above!
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