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  1. I think she's coming back to jazz. Blue Banisters featured a lot of brass The trio interlude also says a lot. Also lets not forget she was imitating a s a x o p h o n e the whole time we thought it was an electric guitar
  2. For some reason I can never casually listen to Get Free. Totally think its a great song tho but it sorta starts slow then ends fast.
  3. the previously leaked songs fit perfectly with the album. I'm really impressed. I'm happy they have such a great album home
  4. Im kinda skeptical if she will actually stay off social media. She will likely make a new account within the next few years.
  5. hell yes, she came to serve. Be wild be free!!!!! This is gonna be good
  6. Turtledove

    Kim Petras

    At first I didnt like the new song but it has grown on me after 2-3 listens. I kinda want to try using it as a workout song. I really love the synth-y stuff going on.
  7. how have yall not mentioned her EMERALD RING!! alright mine would be: 1. Her favorite sweater 2. Her emerald ring 3. The gold dangly earrings she sold to the pawn shop - would be hard to find if you ever tried 4. The john deer tractor... try destroying one of those 5. The blue flower crown from the BTD MV. I would expect she still has that for memorabilia. Delicate and easy to destroy tho. 6. To copy from @TheCultureIsLit, the cowboy boots that miley wants!! 7, And lastly maybe her key to a room at the Chateau Marmot? Didn't she live there for a while? Or maybe she would tie her self to the swimming pool. As long as the Chateau has a pool, she will remain.. glimmering.
  8. ohhhh I was legit thinking she meant caress me like a steering wheel or something. that makes way more sense
  9. So she was filming this day for the MV.. And if this is a motel does that mean she traveled somewhere, stayed the night?? The curtains in the snippet video dont match the room curtains (TG!) But it looks like she was at someone's house or something. Also I think theres a egg muffin in the microwave haha
  10. if its out july 4th that means the morning right? so, we are all supposed to get to listen to it with the fireworks? EEEEEE!! Cant wait. And I really hopes it does come on that day because then we practically get the whole summer to enjoy it/use it.
  11. have you ever heard of the kibbe body system? Most people ive talked to categorize Lana as a soft natural. Meaning her frame naturally gives her a "bold" presence. I think the other girl would be a soft gamine.
  12. Light yellow nails, yellow tank top, GOLD knife and mirror... I think we know what color she is into rn ! I almost bought a similar nail polish too. Yellow summer it is
  13. I imagine she is being reminded of her own mom-daughter experience as she see's Chuck becoming a mom. We are likely in store for some interesting revelations
  14. whats wrong with her wanting to portray any of those things for a change? The reason you don't think she is being genuine is you don't think her friendships are that important to her :| if you were singing about your friends wouldn't you want people to take you seriously? Shouldnt we take her at face value? This thought process is something Ive noticed in myself, not meaning to call u out x
  15. All of the songs have a very present moment and intense emotional feeling to them. It takes a lot of mental attention, I had to fully immerse myself. I really like how its based in the present moment but then she floats away effortlessly to her inner thoughts. Blue Banisters is way different than I imagined, but I appreciate how original it is. It feels almost like a fever dream of memories and thoughts coming together. Text book is the love song I though Blue Banisters would be (or atleast the closest so far) Another song that has a dreamy float away into imagination and emotions. In all of these I feel hope and yearning, but at the same time it comes across as euphoric Overall these felt hopeful, contemplative, dreamy, and understatedly wonderful! My only complaint is that I only listen on speakers (if i use earbuds my ears ring for days) And these have a lot of mumble-y vocals. Some parts I can barely make out :/ COCC has really clear vocals and i appreciated that.
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