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  1. i bought this vinyl with the intention of selling it in several years, but honestly, i think we all know that i’m being buried with my UO repress, this vinyl, and my interview magazine.
  2. jamesss

    Sweet Release

    holy shit guys. i found the best upcoming local indie band the other day. i saw them live FOR FREE. sweet release is an indie rock band based in chico CA (where i live), and they released two songs on spotify so far, with more to come!!!!!!!!!!!! listen to “the car” and “blossom” by them on spotify PLEASE it’s so worth it i promise. it’s crazy fucking good.
  3. if it’s a cash grab for coachella, it’s working bc i bought a copy within minutes of the presale being announced
  4. wtf holy shit they already responded LOLLL they told me its a "lien" charge since it was an unsuccessful payment, and the charge will be dropped within 3-5 days yes!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. guys i ordered from the US store and it charged my card twice what do i do!?!?!?!?!?! i emailed them but will they do anything about it??
  6. does anyone else feel like 'Lasso' isnt the title? Like, i just feel like it cant just be lasso. maybe the album title would be something like "lasso my heart" or something, like lasso being short for a bigger title.
  7. jamesss


    just started listening to deftones yesterday!!! mascara hits SO hard.
  8. if anyone’s going to rearrange a tracklist, it’s putting IYLDWM at the end of blue banisters. the outro for that could potentially be as good as get free. idk just my opinion.
  9. @EARTHA for best banned member!! we miss herrrr
  10. do we have nay confirmed tracks? or is this seriously all speculation and guessing
  11. i ALWAYS have money on m fucking card and the one day i dont she releases this are u fucking kidding?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?! black beauty is in my top 5 if i dont get this vinyl ill kms
  12. jamesss

    Song vs. Song

    california!! california vs yosemite
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