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  1. Her circuits are busy. Goodbye! (I'm sad about it but also respect)
  2. The Target cover is my favorite. I love them all, but that one has major UV vibes (my fav album). Also, we made it from pre-pre-release to actual pre-release! WE DID IT, KIDS!
  3. I love how she thanked her dad and her sister (and not her mother) and Barrie! And the polaroid. I got choked up.
  4. Ignoring the QFTC vibe of the caption… her voice and the song are gorgeous
  5. I took it as, listen to it like you did my first song, when you didn’t know who I am and I wasn’t famous. No preconceived notions. May or may not mean it actually sounds like VG.
  6. Had me fooled for a minute…until the Boom Like That part
  7. She knows so many people with birthdays Anyway, "Edge of Paradise" would be an amazing song or album title...anyone know why she posted the image from the film of that name? Wondering if it's a clue to something.
  8. Topiary Horse and Lana forever! Other guys tell her lies and cry mugs of boy tears, but TH has been here since Barrie era. No one’s going anywhere. (Neighhhhh) sorry drinking wine
  9. Random thoughts: ”Intimate” is truly the only word for this masterpiece. Video Games 2021 Topiary horse by the pool!! LDR village needs to sell Boy Tears mugs please. Can someone figure out which Slim Aarons book she has at the beginning so I can buy it?!
  10. Hair, makeup, and Sierra Madres all came to slay.
  11. Never was there ever a sunburned girl so pretty
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