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  1. I’m picturing something like her cover of Once Upon a Dream… or Blue Velvet. Cuz that retro sound suits her gorgeously!
  2. Her voice sounds amazing but Unchained Melody was the big win this week! This one is… not fully committed to a direction? I would either slow it down and make it more Lanacore, really reinterpretating it, or go all-out country like the OG. It feels like something fun she’d do around the piano with friends rather than a single. A sweet bonus track. But Unchained… my god. Deserves professional recording and a big rollout. That was a Lana culture reset right there.
  3. I feel like Lana’s persona has sometimes been Jolene though… she’s lookin like a side piece at 33, not worrying about someone else stealing her man
  4. Ugh, so amazing. We stan a queen who goes to Christmas at Graceland and sings a song that is 1) not by Elvis and 2) not a Christmas song, but eats and leaves no crumbs. A living legend. Also, surely this and Country Roads will be on a covers album soon???
  5. I screamed Sounds like she was as over it as we are. Also: do we know how long she’s had this house? I don’t keep up with that at all but I imagine she has more than one… this sounds like her “suburban house”. Bless.
  6. And you never know if she’s serious or trolling. “My thoughts are shaped like THAT DICK THO”
  7. Lana can definitely be a bit L.A... but who are we to love her? The video was so cute! Miles better than the interview. So who do we think she broke up with for not liking her house? I figured Jack because she said she was shocked... he seems so grungy that I wouldn't think he would care if her house was simple, but I guess not?? Edit to add: she said she's not in love, but the interviewer failed to ask the more important follow-up: are you hooking up with anyone? Who's your 2 AM booty call?
  8. The white dress and white bra pics are god tier. The wig pics are not it. The only worthwhile part of the interview was the quotes from other legends.
  9. Why is this song no longer on YouTube? I have it on my computer but was surprised it seems to have been taken down on YT. (I just started hooking up with a hunky cop so… this song lives rent-free in my head 24/7 now )
  10. Ok who’s going to combine Lana’s part with her singing on the Insta reel to make a Lana solo version?
  11. I don’t enjoy that warbly forced-sounding thing Holly is doing… singing around the notes instead of hitting them. When Lana comes in, she sounds stunning, strong, sweeping… the real pro has arrived. It’s very much a Lana-core song though, unlike SotB which was very Taylor. So I like it but don’t love it.
  12. “I wish Iiiiiiii was your girl” Try not to say MOTHERS challenge failed So vicariously happy for Elle!
  13. Ask me where I’ve been I been everywhere But I don’t wanna be nowhere but here
  14. The melody is several Lana songs put in a blender, but his voice is god tier and they sound stunning together! (And would be a gorgeous couple not saying just saying)
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