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  1. My favorite album! I'm so happy to be able to see this whenever I log in; thank you so much!
  2. I feel like this is such an accurate summary that it could be on her tombstone!? But I say that with so much love
  3. I love her fan's cute pink coquette look, exactly what you want to be wearing to meet Lana! The Chanel, the chignon... she really said I'm delicious, you can't touch this I'm that bitch that you can't fuck with
  4. Do we have any photos of her with the lizard contacts? It sounded like she’s questioning the country vibe, or maybe she’s over it cuz she’s in her Chanel era I Stan regardless!
  5. Even the hyper-critical Tom & Lorenzo (fashion bloggers) dedicated a post to Lana's outfit (most others were grouped together in one post), and they said, "We freaking LOVE this... Most of the attendees failed to understand that the “Garden of Time” theme had less to do with flowers and more to do with decay, but trust Lana Del Rey to suss out the darkest and most depressing aspects of something and turn it into something uniquely, strangely, unsettlingly beautiful. It might be one of our favorites of the night." Full post: https://tomandlorenzo.com/2024/05/met-gala-2024-lana-del-rey-in-alexander-mcqueen-red-carpet-fashion-style/
  6. The way she is Princess Aurora AND Maleficent, her mind... our living legend!
  7. She’ll buy a dress at the mall for the Met and look great doing it
  8. You can tell by the swagger and the lips
  9. This cowboy man I have never heard of has a wonderful voice, and she seemed perfectly relaxed, happy, and ready to show off her angel voice! She seems much more at ease with a partner there; her Coachella duets had similar vibes.
  10. These two posts had me screaming and choking on my wine, ILU all
  11. I loved all the attention to detail, like during the transition/intro to Ocean Blvd, that was the instrumental theme from the soap opera The Young & the Restless playing under the voiceover about the tunnel... a lovely way to connect that song with Candy Necklace ("you've been actin young and restless").
  12. Beautiful, happy, confident, sexy, glowing! Mother left no crumbs and licked the fuckin' plate
  13. Truth was told on this day: Lana at Coachella is the Super Bowl for people with depression
  14. Like Billie said, she's the reason for half us bitches' existence!!!
  15. Ugh, the "Jealous Girl" intro was one for the ages! Poor baby looked flawless but scared to death and kind of frozen for the first part...like the china doll of "Without You" in fact. I loved that the band played "West Coast" but...she didn't sing it. Instrumental and then backing vocals, with her back to the audience. She seemed to visibly relax with Jon Batiste, though--that man is pure sunshine, just the most wonderful energy. I wondered what she was saying to him before the song; he was making a concerned sympathetic face like she was saying "I'm freaking out and the audio is fucked" or something. She was disturbingly convincing when she whispered "feeling super suicidal". But she started singing more strongly and freely by the end of the song. And then she went for the pole!! Their improv bit was SO GOOD and she seemed way happier then. They made it sound like "candy necklaces" were either drugs or something sexual, whew. It's all they ever wanted. When she said, "sometimes you need someone else's spirit to move with you", that was so real. She was happy after that and totally relaxed with Billie, and they were ADORABLE together! Whew, what a rollercoaster.
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