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  1. I'm hoping american whore isn't produced by jack. That's the only way it can be ruined
  2. This is one of the best songs she's released in recent years imo. COCC and Blue Banisters were incredibly disappointing for me except for years old Cherry Blossom but everyone's already heard that before. I do like the strings in this. It's kind of like a blend of old Lana and new. The lyrics are better than usual and I'm glad she's dropped the weird country shit. Her voice sounds best when she's singing about mosaic ceilings or roses in the garden and giving elegant, grand visuals or whatever. Love the dreamy, sad elements that she's incorporated into this song too. I don't think the song is anything spectacular compared to what she's already done though.
  3. Bel Air slaps. A cinematic sounding masterpiece All i can think of is gandalf, the eye of sauron, and dating profiles of those people who say they love to travel and create cheesy shit like this:
  4. That's because this is an epoch. She's starting a new life, probably moving since she's mentioned it so much recently, and going to give us something incredible when she returns.
  5. She does this at her live shows too and I have to wonder why she's so hellbent on acting like this with the same fans. When I was at one of her shows in 2018, she announced through the mic that she "recognized some people in the crowd" (which to me indicates people who literally have the money to travel city to city and follow her) and went down to only interact with them and not anyone else. I've never seen any other artist do this.
  6. WHY IS THIS TRACKLIST SO PRETTY???? NECTAR OF THE GODS???? VIOLETS FOR ROSES???? IF YOU LIE DOWN WITH ME And it's about time we got Cherry Blossom and DEALER! I actually enjoyed Arcadia so much more than her other recent work and piano ballads. It very much is reminiscent of the era when Cherry Blossom was leaked so it's nice to know that her older material will not be out of place.
  7. She's so hecking cute. I wonder what made her release a video now Also do we know who the guy speaking at the end is???
  8. OKAY I fucking love her so much. Everytime I listen to her music, it's like falling in love with it for the first time all over again. I am blasting Brooklyn Baby right now, having the biggest eargasm and I am literally filled with so much joy and am genuinely HAPPY. And that's incredible bc not too many things make me happy nowadays. The way her songs evoke such strong emotions....and her beautiful writing......yall know the vibes!!!
  9. Disco. I do what I like, I just don't care I am my only god
  10. Out spoiling tex and mex with starbucks puppuccinos
  11. Everything about Your Girl is amazing - that production is spicy af. Idk why it wasn't included in UV. It should have at least replaced Guns And Roses
  12. This confuses me too. He's speaking to her like she's a 4 year old who has never sliced a piece of cake in her entire life
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