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  1. omg whaat, she's five and she understands more about human decency and cares more about black people than most adults?! and she writes better lyrics that me someone else writes the lyrics, right?
  2. larina

    MARINA (and The Diamonds)

    Oh my gosh Marina ain't got nothin' on Fall Out Boy for longest song title now
  3. Yooo, I don't think I've actually ever noticed there was talking. I thought it was just a laugh. Sadly my ears are blocked right now so I can't try to make out what it is
  4. omg i was typing lana in spotify search yesterday and i did a typo and it came up with this song fbi
  5. it's dark but just a game I'M OBSESSED
  6. i just came back and saw a bunch of people liked my posts in this thread and i wanted to voice my horror he hit me and it felt like a kiss okay i'm not gonna reply to this monstrosity anymore
  7. oh god why is this thread from when i was 14 active again
  8. larina

    MARINA (and The Diamonds)

    Thank you so much!! Oh my gosh, I'm so hyped for this!
  9. larina

    MARINA (and The Diamonds)

    wait, what are "you" and "tnwwy"?? how have i not heard these omg
  10. Okay, but, unpopular opinion: I would love to hear a folk album. Or at least a song. IMHO, it'd be better than Summer Bummer. But then again, I listen to the "Infinite Indie Folk" playlist on Spotify, so I'm biased.
  11. Ahh, okay. One minute, it's down, and then the next, it's back up, for me. It's really confusing. Ahah, yes, same! I lost all of the unreleased songs I had, so I haven't listened to them in forever, and seeing a few on Spotify was really exciting. Although it said that it was unavailable in my country, anyway. Side-note: While searching for the link for this post, I found the Kill Kill EP on Spotify as well, also under a "Lizzy Grant"? But it looks like it might be official, as it's dated 2008 and the copyright is under 5 Point Records. So I don't think the person who uploaded the COTBR album would have uploaded this (as they would have been more careful with the date/copyright, right?). I can't listen to it, either, but I thought it was strange.
  12. Hey guys! I'm not entirely sure where to put this, but I feel like it deserves its own thread? I'm also not sure if y'all have spoken about it yet. I can't seem to find anything, so I thought I'd make a post. Since the 1st of May, there's been an EP titled "Children Of The Bad Revolution" on Spotify, under the name Lizzy Grant. The EP has COTBR, Hollywood, Every Man Gets His Wish, Breaking My Heart, Jealous Girl, and Angels Forever. It's obviously fake, since Hollywood is a Paradise outtake and wouldn't be released under Lizzy Grant, right? And the copyright should be LDR, under license to Polydor/Interscope? I'm just super confused and wondering what's happening. I assume it's a fan taking advantage of a music distributor site. I wanted to know what you guys' thoughts about it are, and if there's a resolution to it all.
  13. holy shnikes i need to come on here again
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