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  1. I am going away for 5 days which means once I'm back there will only be a couple of days left before the album drops
  2. The ending of The Grants reminds me so much of the ending of Coachella. Also the references to heaven kinda tie the two together for me. I am loving it as an album opener.
  3. rural legend


    Lam, a New Yorker and self-taught musician, found her start in 2008 posting covers of popular songs on YouTube. What seemed like a simple hobby turned into a way to jumpstart a music career, earning her over 200K views total on her channel. The success of one video in particular led to Lam and a friend getting to meet One Direction, every 2010 teen’s dream. A few performances at Carnegie Hall and TEDxChelseaPark later, it was clear that music was her passion and her destiny. Once she started college, she turned to songwriting and composition to give voice to her dreamy thoughts of wonder and escapism. Faerie was introduced to the world when Lam, now a college graduate, teamed up with Canadian producer Jonathan Atkins (wavcat) to release her first solo indie, synthpop single “Fever Dream.' Over 20 collaborations led to Lam meeting Atkins and releasing her debut EP, 2am (2021), which amassed over 20K streams. Described by Unclear Magazine as “futuristic and fun,” Faerie fuses bedroom pop and elements of dreamy indie music to craft her unique sound. The next phase of her journey took flight in 2021 when she joined forces with Los Angeles-based producer Matty Bedrosian (Yummm) for her highly-anticipated sophomore indie pop EP, dizzy spells. Headlined by the whimsical and groovy lead single “k-town,” the EP sees Lam experimenting with folk and psychedelic sounds, and is set to release in February 2023. She is super talented and her latest EP 'dizzy spells' is gorgeous so if you like any of the songs above you will love the whole EP!
  4. career highlight
  5. Her and Jennifer Coolidge have the exact same energy and I am so happy to see them accepting their well deserved awards!
  6. rural legend

    Your Music

    Hi! My song Pearls is finally out - almost 2 years after I first wrote it in May 2021. The song is a tribute to all my female friends who have raised me, supported me and helped me become the man that I am today. The title is a direct reference to the place we all grew up in which is often called 'the pearl of Lubusz land'. Hope you like it! Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/1YuJQDrYTuEo9k4VEh47sJ?si=039d20cdfd364952 Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/gb/album/pearls-single/1668984548 YouTube (I made a really really simple lyric video using a typeface created by the amazing @annedauphine):
  7. I really really want the racing jacket so I'm going to wait until it's sold out and I can no longer purchase it because that's the right thing to do when you are cheap.
  8. Ok, this is completely made up but I was taking a shower and thought of what Sweet would sound like and these lyrics just came to me I've been sweet my whole life with the exception of writing that one question (you know, that question) In and out of Toyotas parked outside the corrections, watching grown men's affection inspire a whole lot of new sounds (distorted) Sweet like cinnamon Bitter like cardamom
  9. rural legend

    Your Music

    Your voice... dear lord, it is stunning! Whoever this song is about - sorry to them because you ended them with those lyrics! Lovely intro and super catchy chorus. And those harmonies and background vocals are really beautiful The part from 3:33 to like 3:56 . You just got a follow on Spotify! I will be checking out the other songs as well!
  10. my birthday's in 2 months so if I buy the merch now it's fully justified
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