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  1. rural legend

    Your Music

    We aren't finished with it yet but this is going to be on my debut album next year
  2. rural legend

    Your Music

    Hi! My second EP titled Gin Mill Club dropped today. It's electropop with a slightly darker mood for the most part (except the song Girlfriend). It's dancey, groovy and I am really proud of it. If you listen to it, please let me know what you think!
  3. Yeah, that's fair. I guess I wasn't exposed too much to any of those things
  4. I've had it on repeat and honestly it's just gotten better and better and the sample is starting to fit in nicely
  5. this is such a serve, sonically (once you get used to the sample lol) and visually
  6. Another beautiful song from LB Beistad
  7. rural legend

    Your Music

    Omg you're about to make my cry 😭 I'm so happy you liked it! Yes, my insta is @greenweretheforests Made my night, thank you!
  8. rural legend

    Your Music

    this is my new song Boating from my EP Gin Mill Club (out this September, I hope). Enjoy!
  9. They are my favourite band too! That is why I thought maybe you weren't familiar with them because Florence is the original 'sad girl' for me. Gorgeous melodies, orchestral production (mostly on Ceremonials), great drums etc. They both have very similar sensitivities when it comes to songwriting but the way they phrase things and arrange the music around them are very different. EDIT: btw I never connected that the whispers in the background of Over The Love are from Burning Desire but I hear it now! This is such a nice homage to Lana.
  10. Have you ever listened to Ceremonials? It came out a year before Born To Die and is probably my top 5 favourite albums of all time. You can hear similar melodies to this particular song throughout the whole record, especially in No Light, No Light, Only if For a Night, Spectrum. The band has always had the most stunning melodies. However, I do agree that the production is very BTD.
  11. rural legend

    Taylor Swift

    That's a valid point but my main takeaway is that it's likely she would have written the chorus of Wildest Dreams without ever hearing Without You. Would it have sounded the same? Probably not since we know Lana is Taylor's favourite artist so there had to be an influence at that stage. To me the biggest similarities are the synthy, bombastic Instrumentals in both choruses more so than the actual vocal delivery. I'd argue that the verses in Wildest Dreams sound more inspired by Lana's delivery.
  12. rural legend

    Taylor Swift

    Ok, I hope this won't start another 'X copied Y and you won't tell me nothing' but it occurred to me upon listening to Speak Now TV that the title track's (2010) chorus has the exact same chord progression and a similar melody to Lana's Without You (2012), and consequently, Taylor's own Wildest Dreams (2015). The chords are: G, D, Am, C. I put them to test myself and in my non-expert opinion (not that it matters anyways lol), they all sound very alike. Here's my 36 second rendition of the three songs using those exact chords if you would like to hear it: https://dbree.org/v/1d0250 My verdict is... Those are very common chords and the mentioned vocal melodies kind of follow the chords closely enough for all of them to sound similar to each other.
  13. DYKTTATUOB's body is still warm...
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