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  1. ya im fuckin BORED mate! been doin this shit TOO LONG. ofc im gonna be pissed at Lana - she has given not even a good song to listen to.. D: the fact yall think im offended or sensitive is confusing to me??? i am lit rally just talkin shit. everyone having the same fkn perspective is boring.
  2. its a fkn joke, chill. it's just the internet. tbh i think the real problem is that so many people have disassociated rage. They just wanna wile out somewhere but there's nowhere to be wild anymore, you know? but at the same time, the world is so wild...
  3. yep, that's all... im just an ignorant anon commenter with no friends, talent, backstory, interesting traits, worthwhile perspective, or valid opinions /s and even i can tell Lana's struggling with her health & well being lol
  4. im an anonymous internet commenter, jus like you
  5. girl u better call her doctor then bc whatever meds she's taking are not good for her health & well being
  6. lol you clearly do not know me, so i'm just gonna ignore your projection here re: indoctrination. i agree that Lana Del Rey's opinions don't mean very much in the grand scheme. as i said a couple posts up, i'm here for the entertainment and discussion. calling out Lana's obvious ignorance about the political issues she brings up, on a Lana fan site, isn't really a crusade for justice, just more internet comments. i think it's really interesting you're also projecting identifying with victimhood on me, other users, or POC Lana fans who think she's on some dumb shit lol. no one's saying people are so sensitive, vulnerable, or need to be defended from opinions except literally you and Lana ... didnt she just post a 5 minute video on insta ab how she's being attacked and victimized? i can't. i hope you sort out your issues ma'am.
  7. whose indoctrination? but wow yeah "none of this really matters" - nihilism, another tired take. wasn't Lana the one who said "i'm literally changing the world"? i recognize that the revolution is not gonna happen in Lana's comments on insta, but people deal with real issues in real fuckn life. it's not just nothing. we're living in an unprecedented time where people's survival is hanging in the balance bc of real, important issues Lana herself decides to bring up and butcher. we're discussing issues of race, politics, privilege, poverty, etc. on Lanaboards only because Lana brought the shit up and centered herself in these issues. if it doesn't matter to you, what do you really even have to say about the matter?
  8. lol bitch i logged on for the music video and stayed for the breakdown. Lana is an entertainer, and her making a fool of herself by playing woke is entertaining to me, call it schadenfreude idk idc, she's a fuckin millionaire public figure. i'm not shaming anyone, im kiki-ing with the other fags ab a cultural moment featuring an artist i used to connect with. can i really be called a "bad faith actor" on a pop star fansite? what's my agenda in yer eye, to ruin her career? the rush of feeling morally superior? lol i'd really be self-righteous if i thought lanaboards comments had that power
  9. isn't this what youre doing right now? placing yourself above this monolith of "sjw"s? how's the rush?
  10. i think a lot of people understand her just fine but disagree. If y'all keep on enabling your own ignorance then it's on you
  11. imagine if instead of posting or saying anything lana has said the past two days, that she jsut posted that video of her having fun and left it.. maybe people would actually talk ab the song/video instead of all this other insanity
  12. i disagree ab Annie. to me, she sounded more uncomfortable the more the interview went on. i don't think Annie expected the interview to go the way it did, with Lana mostly ranting about whatever was on her mind, i.e. politics, race optics, etc. She didn't ask her any questions about the capitol riots or trump or anything. Lana brought that up. she asked her about her comment on the album art, because Lana posted an insane comment. i don't think Complex was necessarily being fair, but they were doing what publications that rely on clicks and views do - post some shit people will click on. and they used actual quotes and shit. i don't think Lana is a trump supporter, but voting for Biden doesn't excuse ignorance. really, she could have just sat that and not said anything.
  13. boo we know she didn't support Trump. but voting for Biden doesn't make someone not racist. Biden is a racist (and a rapist at that but thats another issue). Lana IS ignorant. i don't think she's intentionally malicious. but the only reason anyone is talking about this is because she brought it up herself, she didnt need to but she did. she brought this allllllll on herself. and now shes continuing to fuel the fire.
  14. Lana fell off the wagon confirmed brown.
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