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  1. mother of pearl slander will never make sense to me...insane behavior
  2. she peaked with bittersweet tragedy & dead to me and i'll die on that hill
  3. mine FINALLY arrived today i have to echo what others said about the flimsy 3 page booklet but at least mine didn't have any scratches
  4. bonus tracks lyrics have been updated and apparently the official lyric in MOTS is "celestial death of their ego and pride"
  5. i'm in the process...of counting sheep but they're all...so bluhuhdy
  6. tbh it's just the first and second verse for stylistic choices (a bad choice) but it's sadly on purpose i think it makes the chorus hit extra hard tho
  7. melanie haters more obsessed than her stans at this point lmfao
  8. obsessed with powder
  9. being a charli stan i'm a sucker for vocal modulation so eating this era up y'all rest easy tho
  10. death still a great opener the chorus is kinda repetitive but it goes hard when the drums come in
  11. a full circle moment oh wow
  12. this was melanie releasing sirens but naming it milk of the siren to irritate stans
  13. removing sirens & BOTL but keeping spider web is insane behavior
  14. cropped this and used it for my dlx cover
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