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  1. pawnshop


    i think this is tear me up’s og file https://dbree.org/v/9bb7e0
  2. i seriously cannot get over Cool and What Love Means, they should’ve been on Life Support
  3. pawnshop


    I’LL LOOK INTO YOUR EYES AS YOU TEAR ME APART! TEAR ME OPEN!!! tear me open needs to be released idgaf
  4. a loooot of madison leaked! [link removed] mod note: user has been banned for this post
  5. Blue Effortlessly Dear Society Follow The White Rabbit Cool Stay Numb and Carry On Eclipse Homesick Selfish Sour Times Proof Stained Glass Emotional Bruises (with the body bag lyric, of course) What Love Means Everything Happens for a Reason this would’ve been such a perfect tracklist for Life Support ugh idgaf i’m a dreamer!!!!
  6. 1. Love 2. Lust for Life 3. 13 Beaches 4. Cherry 5. White Mustang 6. Summer Bummer 7. Groupie Love 8. In My Feelings 9. Coachella - Woodstock In My Mind 10. God Bless America - And All the Beautiful Women In It 11. When the World Was at War We Kept Dancing 12. Beautiful People Beautiful Problems 13. Tomorrow Never Came 14. Heroin 15. Change 16. Get Free
  7. Lust for Life 1. Roses Bloom for You 2. Young and in Love 3. Lust for Life 4. Best American Record 5. Something Real 6. Cherry 7. Serene Queen 8. Hollywood 9. Groupie Love 10. Tomorrow Never Came 11. Beautiful People 12. Wild One 13. Heroin 14. Change 15. Angels Forever, Forever Angels 16. Get Free Side Notes: - Young and in Love is the demo version of Love reworked with beautiful strings/orchestra. - Lust for Life is the original demo of LFL but reworked with more production and additional lyrics. - Best American Record would be the demo of TNBAR. - 13 Beaches would be renamed to Something Real. - Groupie Love and Tomorrow Never Came are both solo versions. - Beautiful People is the original demo of BPBP.
  8. pawnshop

    Charli XCX

    i just want another Stay Away moment in this album please
  9. we’re probably getting like two original tracks and six remixes for the deluxe
  10. pawnshop

    Charli XCX

    JUSTIN RAISEN???? her sky era
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