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  1. oomf has been scrobbling these titles for a while now.... i need them now
  2. (what it was like) 1. Because of You 2. Driving in Cars with Boys 3. Last Girl on Earth 4. I Talk to Jesus (what happened) 5. White Dress 6. Fine China 7. Is This Happiness 8. The greatest 9. Ride (what it’s like now) 10. Chemtrails Over the Country Club 11. Blue Banisters 12. Get Free 13. Yosemite
  3. honeymoun stating that lana used youtube rips for cherry blossom, living legend, and nectar of the gods but don’t we have lossless versions of these (and didn’t someone here say that lana used the very first take of cherry blossom)
  4. i’m gonna try and see if i can wait to listen until it’s released but everyone please post your reviews, i’m very curious about everyone’s opinions on it
  5. pawnshop


    i’m in love with her self titled ep! dip n drip and gooey fluid girls are like crack in my veins
  6. pawnshop

    Summer Walker

    i don’t listen to summer walker that often anymore but the CHOKEHOLD her album over it had on me during my junior year was insane
  7. pawnshop

    Song vs. Song

    The greatest vs. Pawn Shop Blues
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