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  1. pawnshop


    i wanted to get into grimes and i did a full listen to the miss anthropocene album and the concept and visuals are great but some of the songs to me were such a huge letdown so heavy i fell through the earth, my name is dark, and we appreciate power are AMAZING though!!! does anybody recommend which grimes album i should listen to, specifically her magnum opus but i don’t even know what album that is
  2. pawnshop


    i may be wrong but aren’t you talking about troubled paradise? it has the lyric “reminisce on the days when you were mine”
  3. pawnshop


    the recent leaks have made me relisten to her mixtape and oh wow.... it’s truly untouched
  4. pawnshop


    two Troubled Paradise outtakes leaked Talk to Me: https://dbree.org/v/4b4146 Intoxicated: https://dbree.org/v/41717c
  5. pawnshop


    Lindsay Lohan, an outtake from the mixtape era leaked as well https://dbree.org/v/147e0c
  6. pawnshop


    a snippet of Talk to Me, an outtake from Troubled Paradise leaked https://we.tl/t-TYumRINZmy
  7. some of you are caring a little too much about lana’s option about deleting social medias and how it’ll impact her 😭 i promise y’all she doesn’t care about promo and all of those sorts of things
  8. pawnshop

    Taylor Swift

    i am so sorry taylor girl but.... i’m still gonna continue streaming the original wildest dreams version
  9. 1. White Dress 2. Off To the Races 3. Venice Bitch 4. Video Games 5. West Coast 6. National Anthem 7. Pretty When You Cry 8. Yosemite 9. Pawn Shop Blues 10. Old Money 11. The greatest 12. Black Beauty 13. Happiness is a butterfly 14. Florida Kilos 15. Is This Happiness 16. Flipside the only acceptable answers
  10. Lust for Life (Demo 1) I Don’t Wanna Go Angels Forever, Forever Angels Hollywood’s Dead You Can Be the Boss Hundred Dollar Bill Fine China I Talk to Jesus Damn You Hollywood Wayamaya
  11. now that lana is on capitol records, she can cover the songs capitol has the rights to like frank sinatra, the beach boys, judy garland, peggy lee, and whatever artists this white bitch loves
  12. the interlude is kinda giving me scarface/noir vibes and i’m here for it
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