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  1. alienprincess


    Flux was a def a grower for me there's so many good songs!! Her chill little grungy era
  2. alienprincess


    can we vote one becos....
  3. alienprincess

    Charli XCX

    Can someone leak if I cried with this vocal take? pls
  4. She could walk out there in a f****ing diaper And they're like: "Valentina! Your smile is beautiful!"...
  5. Hyd's (qts) ep is up for preorder! Love the cover https://pcmusic.ochre.store/release/246773-hyd-hyd
  6. alienprincess

    Charli XCX

    Yas it's the Janet album confirmed!!
  7. alienprincess

    Taylor Swift

    If people actually care about this they're dramatic af
  8. alienprincess

    Melanie Martinez

    I'm assuming they had a leak or had a source tell them that It was only a week or two before release
  9. alienprincess


    Wow finding out that big star is about her dog that passed really makes it so much sadder :;(
  10. alienprincess


    agreed, i love the whole concept of the song and its cute af but that mix... not doing it for me
  11. alienprincess


    its amazing...
  12. alienprincess

    Melanie Martinez

    and it's the worst song I've ever heard..
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