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  1. can someone please leak lipgloss & cherry pop with ag’s vocals? 🥺 there was a snippet a while ago but i fear it’ll never leak
  2. not terfboards omg...
  3. alienprincess

    Melanie Martinez

    the way copycat was received so poorly she did nothing with it 💀 possibly her worst released song ever
  4. alienprincess

    Melanie Martinez

    the main producers she works with have shitty security, they got hacked
  5. alienprincess

    Taylor Swift

    so it was lanas decision to not sing more of SOTB… y’all owe taylor an apology like
  6. the live performance is iconic!!
  7. alienprincess

    Melanie Martinez

    I love the colors on the alternative cover, I wish there was a vinyl variant!
  8. alienprincess

    Melanie Martinez

    something people never comment on is how timothy literally shared an intimate photo of Melanie while she was BLINDFOLDED. She wasn’t naked or anything but that’s still creepy and such an invasion of privacy. I believe she was trying to ruin her career rather than actually come out with a real story
  9. alienprincess

    Melanie Martinez

    kelly had a fat ass and trouble was cookin’ 🤪
  10. alienprincess

    Charli XCX

    tables is what i was expecting when she said ‘janet album’ I love it
  11. sims 3 clears all the sims games with ease im sorry… the open world was YEARS ahead of it’s time. they still don’t even attempt to do it again
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