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  1. It means nothing. Its like trashing your mates house a decade ago and then coming over today and apologizing for it. Fuck off Pitchfork. They're only saying and changing thier mind BC she proved them all wrong.
  2. Can we not please. I'm so sick and tired of when women over 25+ take time off or away or hell dares to gain weight and the first assumption is OmL ShE's pReGgo!!!!!
  3. You know this is probably the best decision she's ever made especially from a mental health point of view. All that hate, all that body shaming. The constant pressure all the time gets to you no matter how strong you are. She did the right thing and whilst her absence is upsetting, I'd rather Lana be happy than go through anymore of the bullshit that entails with being on social media sites.
  4. If her label wanted to intervene they would've during the QFTC debacle. This feels far more personal than business tbh It's really sad but it's probably for the best for Lana and she'll probably be back sooner rather than later.
  5. The third photo in the set is just
  6. I also have the BTW remixes on CD but yeah their the only two remix albums I own from any artist. My biggest regret was not snatching them on vinyl when it was possible at the time. I'll probobly pick up a copy of DOC just for the sake of it
  7. It has to be said but Gaga's first remix album remains superior...
  8. Valid points have been made buuuuut she could be seriously reworking the five unreleased tracks depending on what she's choosing from her vast vault. Especially if said five tracks are from earlier on in her career I'm here for it honestly. As long as its not another Next Best American Record/Black Beauty mess.
  9. Macintosh Manhattan


    https://m.soundcloud.com/seb-nev/grimes-metaverse-splendour-xr-discord-set Grimes Set in Metaverse discord server. July 26 2021. Shinigami Eyes 3:00 100% tragedy 19:00 Player of games 38:00 Utopia 25:00
  10. ROTFL , truly the most uninspired producer of recent times He's a great guy that's clear to see BC his peers including Lana etc wouldn't work with him otherwise but...yeah this ain't it chief I've seen more and more people starting to see through the veneer of his work and most of it is fair criticism. Links in spoiler.
  11. Madge is right and I tell you why.... Modern Slavery in the UK at least, is the illegal exploitation of a victim for personal and COMMERCIAL gain. Victims of MS are trapped in servitude, either by being coerced or deceived to. They often can not or do not leave out of fear for thier own safety. We all now know that Brit was forced to work buy her family etc. Las Vegas, Albums etc. This is a fact. We also know that she's still suffering what paramounts to abuse by her father and others. She's not allowed a phone or have her own passport (This is typical in most MS/Abusive cases BTW) Not allowed to change her medication or birth control. Not allowed even to be driven around by her boyfriend. There's reports of Brit being told that if she doesn't work and do as she's told she can't see her kids. You don't need to physically chain someone for it to be slavery. Often MS is based on power that's either financial and/or emotional control. Though bear in mind that there also other factors. https://www.antislavery.org/slavery-today/modern-slavery/
  12. My Stomach dropped when I heard the false news but glad to see the media was wrong Let's pray Brit will get her request to remove that swine.
  13. Judge Denies Britney’s petition to remove Jamie from Conservatorship.... https://www.goodmorningamerica.com/culture/story/britney-spears-father-court-filing-power-support-care-78585157
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