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  1. Taylor is obviously gonna win AOTY. It is as sure as night and day. I like Folklore but its not an album you can listen to casually least from my experience. I have to be in the right frame of mind to listen to it. It doesn't deserve to win imo but it will sadly.
  2. Oh shit I thought Lana would've had this one in the bag but she wasn't even nominated
  3. Mark my words but she's heading for a fantastic career. I really see alot of (Young) Madonna's work ethic and fight in Dua. She wants to thrive, works extremely hard to improve herself as a preformer and delivers exciting eras. Its already providing dividends such as her SIX Grammy nominations. She wants to conquer the world and I hope she does
  4. The outrage and upset for The Weeknd on all the socials is jaw dropping. I haven't seen anything like this in a long time. It's safe to say that for the first time in years all the fanbases can collectively agree that The Scammys fucked up
  5. Clearly someone that needs to clean thier ears out
  6. How did Yummy from the washed up white canadian boy get any nominations considering how badly it was received by the GP and critics? Something suspicious is going on here. Abel deserved so many nominations yet was snubbed. He delivered a well crafted critically acclaimed album and era, along with one of the best singles of 2020. Yet still this wasn't enough. Yeah fuck them
  7. I know its supposedly only going to drop digitally but I hope later on next year we will get physicals. Especially if she picks great covers and does them well It would be a shame if we didn't.
  8. I've been wanting her to cover Bang Bang since I've been a stan (2013). I'd die out of happiness if she finally delivered something that I've been dreaming of for so long
  9. The video is simple but really well executed. There's not a lot going on however the sets make up for it, along with the outfits. I really liked the shot of Marina in the mirror. That was a nice touch
  10. I'm intrigued It sounds promising.
  11. Tbh all of them should be dragged to the pits BC of their reckless behaviour but like I said earlier on female artists seem to get more flack than there male counterparts for it. You're definitely right though that just BC such acts like Dua, The Weeknd even shitty YouTubers have acted like coco the fool doesn't excuse Lana's behaviour, in fact it makes it worse lol
  12. 1. She's obviously lying. 2. Why lie when there is photographic evidence proving the complete opposite. 3. She seriously needs to learn to keep her mouth closed. This is old news now. Why bring it up, just to cause another shitstorm on Twitter. 4. Other stars have had massive parties during the pandemic and I've seen other fanbases skull drag each other for it, sometimes even press. However it definitely seems women such as dua lipa, lana etc are being disproportionaely called out for it whilst the likes of The Weeknd, meaning men aren't However I really want to know what kind of selfish, special privilege (Including Lana) they think they have. What part of - people are dying- don't they understand.
  13. Look I understand collecting vinyl, well designed t-shirts, even her bad (imo) poetry but that box is a clear as day rip-off I dread to think of how much it actually cost to produce and the mark up. Edit- I've done some research and looked up each product that is close as possible to the actual contents. To be fair I've tried looking for the cheapest option aswell whilst being an actual decent product. Details in the spoiler.
  14. Honestly I hope not for the sake of her mental health. I think her mangers do relay some bits of information they have seen on here but that's it.
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