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    the guy in the middle's like
  3. I thought that maybe he doesn't make actual posts about her on Instagram and just puts her in his stories to protect her from being dragged in the comment section. He liked the GFYS video a few minutes after she posted it on IG the other day
  4. Jack dated Lena Dunham for 5 years I don't think he cares about controversy
  5. Bringing this back because I finally remembered where I recognised Kelly Cutrone from
  6. Our honeymoon Our honeymoon Our honeymoon Say you want me too Say you want me too Dark blue Dark blue
  7. It's beautiful how this deep normality settles down over me I'm not bored or unhappy, I'm still so strange and wild
  8. She just started following Mojo Magazine on Instagram At least the BBC hasn't blacklisted her
  9. Didn't she say in the IGTV video that she just did one for Mojo magazine
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