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  1. Nobody

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    lana sis think this through... how are you going to wish people happy birthday now?
  2. Nobody

    Instagram Updates

    Is that Francesco's wife?
  3. She broke up with Barrie like a month before UV, Franny 2 months after HM, Chase like a few days after NFR... BB is coming
  4. I'm very late but has anyone noticed the cinematic parallel between "My chest, the Sierra Madre" and "Lucky that my breasts are small and humble, so you don't confuse them with mountains"... Shakira collab confirmed
  5. so she’s friends with Clay and happens to live near Nikki, what a coincidence
  6. Nobody


    the thumbnail
  7. Nobody


    I like the song but Venice Bitch, sweetie...
  8. Nobody


    I'm whelmed. Maybe it's a grower
  9. Nobody


    snippet leaked
  10. Summer comes, winter goes Spring, I skip, God knows Summer comes, winter goes Spring, I sleep, Heaven knows Blue banisters, ooh
  11. not that freedumb person infecting the atrl thread too now
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