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  1. I think most of us haven't listened to the live version so we don't spoil it
  2. I remember her posting about his wedding(?) so idk
  3. I don't know if it's considered outro but 24's ending is iconic. You're hard to REACH. you're cold to touch I see it's more a post-chorus oops
  4. I have a feeling the album trailer will be directed by Charles Grant
  5. still not over the fact that Lana is @Nobody's son and daughter
  6. patiently waiting TJF to dethrone Cinnamon Girl(which is kind of overrated , don't @ me)
  7. yes i know that lol , especially her deep notes sound so great! but she doesn't always support them, you get me ? but her voice is so pretty
  8. okay but can we talk about her voice? I know lana isnt like one of the best vocalists when it comes to range, technique etc but her voice is so sweet and beautiful
  9. Honestly I always thought that the sympathy that critics gave to Lana during nfr era was kinda fake and pretentious? It's like she finally fit their standards with nfr being less "Lana Del Rey themed" instead of them actually appreciating her as a writer.
  10. Let's keep it positive, I hope if the album receives not great reviews, at least it can make some impact and be kind of successful
  11. This bitch is about to give us a sexy record and call it folk
  12. Okay we don't need to know more about her. This picture says it all by itself.
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