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  1. Someone said that Ocean Blvd sounds like If I Die Young by the band Perry and I cant unhear it now
  2. Don't forget me (bitch!) Like the tunnel under ocean blvd. Don't forget me (fuck!) Like the tunnel under ocean blvd.
  3. This album having its biggest streaming day ever on Spotify on a random day of November 2022 is something
  4. I wish she went with brown hair again especially now that it’s shorter
  5. watch her go from ldr8 to ldrX special anniversary edition album just like Apple did with iPhone (and with a completely different direction)
  6. Still thinking how she put the X symbol under the rockafella video which basically means 10. And then she mentioned her new album as LDR10 if you include….violet.
  7. What’s fantastic ?? The collab or the album?????I NEED ANSWERS!!!
  8. She’s been living it lately , hopefully she will have that type of energy after the album release
  9. she uses that voice on snow on the beach too
  10. Remember some months ago when Elle mentioned "LDR9" on insta and Lana replied "LDR10 if you include....Violet" .Back then, it seemed to me that she didn't really mean violet but another project, idk why. It was more like "if you include...violet"
  11. Idk if someone mentioned it already but BOZ called Jack “useless” for his contribution on midnights , so he totally wasn’t talking about Taylor when he earlier said “I may hate antonoff but when he does something right it’s fucking incredible” . Guys it’s for Lana I’m sure
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