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  1. Thinking I wish I could extrapolate some small intention or maybe just get your attention for a minute…or two
  2. When she does a cover of La Llorona then what
  3. Lana is allergic to fan service, I wish she took notes from taylor swift
  4. When she does her usual set list minus 3 songs because she’s late
  5. When she finishes the concert with fingertips then what?
  6. She needs to reconsider her set list. Who cares about white mustang in 2023
  7. Riopy just posted on instagram that he will be supporting Lana
  8. What I don’t love about her new performances is that she doesn’t really try to use her lower register which is essential for the vocal delivery of some songs. Ik that maybe the technique of lowering her larynx wasn’t the best but it just works tbh
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