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  1. Fingertips is such an important song, I wish the whole world knew about it
  2. I think the background vocals were much less loud at this concert tho!
  3. Lately we’ve been making out a lot not talking about the stuff that’s at the VERY HEART OF THINGS
  4. I wanna found someone that makes me feel like “let the light in”
  5. I love how we got Anna and Pammy back again
  6. Fingertips fucks me up every time, it’s such a song, I can’t believe she wrote something like that
  7. This song was viral 3 months ago, Lana’s team so slow
  8. Fingertips being at the bottom of the streams is a tragedy, but I see nothing greek in it
  9. can’t stop listening to the album, it love its variety for different moods
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