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  1. whew, this has been the only Lana record which im genuinely conflicted in; one one hand, i adore the lyrics and constant growth it reflected, along with the unexpected vocals and production shifts, keeping each song as a constant surprise to the listener and of course the toned down, raw n folky sound all throughout the project but on the other hand, i cant ignore some things that blatantly ruin the experience for me: I generally hate shorter albums, so when this project ended, unlike her previous records, i was left wanting soooo much more, like atleast 3 more tracks (and the shorter track lengths didn't help in that regard oop). Also, I had this feeling of "is this it?" towards the end of the album. I wanted something more experimental here and there, just a bit, something more unique/ different to Nfr, as Lana re-invents herself so much with each era and stuff. I know my expectations were maybe too high, but as an NFR stan, i was sad to see a lottttt of stripped folk ballads and just a couple hidden gems (in terms of production). its a crime that there weren't more songs like DBJAG or TJF, or a more folk rock type of song (even dealer would've been so unique and different ughh). that'd add so much sauce into an already sauced up project ^^ I really dont blame jack for the production (unlike some of yall dumbos), as the sound of the album was obvi Lana's choice, but yeah.. idk. the entire project feels like NFR's younger sister, less polished but still following the footstep's of a great, great thing. overall, i appreciated most tracks, with BUS and DTWD being growers and LMLYLAW being the only "eh" song I must admit that in my 1st listen, I was so so furious and underwhelmed with the album, but i knew deep down that lana's music slowly grows on you, and once she does, she goes hard, and i was 10000% right, hehe. My top 3 on COCC are: 1) TITLE TRACK 2) YOSEMITE 3) WAH (i'm such a sucker for rick nowels production, oh my, so yosemite was a definite standout for me. cossing my fingers that she works with him in the next album!!)
  2. arctic monkeys, HAIM and bjork. they all have a similar sound to music that i looooooooooooove but nothing from them ever clicks ugh
  3. on their website it shows the alt cover as the actual cover of COCC, its a bit confusing but i suppose they did it on accident. so the ''Chemtrails Over The Country Club Edition Limitée Exclusivité Fnac'' is the limited edition alt cover on their site, right?
  4. HELPPP are there any european stores that sell the alternative cover CD by Neil except the UK limited one? i want the ALT CD so so so bad but i live in greece lmao
  5. BBMgirl

    Miley Cyrus

    for those who listened to all the leaks that made it to the album: what are your thoughts? is it gonna be good or is it a lil disappointing? ( i have the leaks too but i have a strong feeling they were all remastered, so i dont really wanna give them a listen rn hehe )
  6. lucky ones is one of the 4-5 songs i genuinely enjoy on BTD. to me it's easily her worst album and i never listen to it, ever.
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