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  1. you guys are crazy ranking thin so low
  2. http://twimclabel.tumblr.com/ Not really news but w/e
  3. Sounds cool, but we have no like official source saying that? Might just be like longer versions. The iTunes version of fountainis already a bit shorter than the one we have, haha.
  4. haha, dunno, but seems like there will be more audio / video? (Which is good since it's kinda expensive for a digital album) (still need to pre order that though)
  5. From iambountyfan (surprise!)
  6. With how they changed the covers on twimc.cc, my guess is 3. Seems weird though, hoping for all of them except the last track.
  7. Both versions we have are superb tbh (that one is the best though) Huh I wonder how touring will be for BLUE if there will be a tour
  8. The one fron London? That version is a++ http://iamamiwhoami.wikia.com/wiki/IN_CONCERT
  9. Yeah I kinda hope so too. But no matter how they choose to do it I'm just glad we're getting shadowshow tbh
  10. Aww, hahha, that's nice, thank you! And dunno, don't check forums too much anymore. Ugh, they updated twimc.cc and now only like 3 more covers fit.
  11. Here's a press release thing: http://iambountyfan.com/post/93781736583/bluepress And here's a short track by track thingy http://www.popjustice.com/briefing/world-exclusive-iamamiwhoamis-BLUE-track-by-track/129764/
  12. and Taylor tweeted "#fuckedupworldexplicit coming soon" thank god
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