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  1. ...and why is it Happiness is a butterfly? rick x lana x jack is truly the production dream team and I want it BACK the guitar, the synths, the piano, the slight crescendo and then fall on the vocals during the "ooh ooh ooh!" it's everythingggggg ultraviolence for me is a veryyyyy close second...that bridge...the strings...the fucked my way up to the top backing vocals in the last chorus...ughhhh what are your picks LB?
  2. Lmao huh??? fingertips (a deeply personal song with 10 verses and no chorus) kintsugi (another deeply personal song that goes for 5 minutes with no attempt for mass accessibility) The Grants wildflower wildfire (chopped drums) text book (slowing down in the chorus on an opening track and single for an album) blue banisters white dress (tame??) wild at heart/if you lie down with me/black bathing suit/dealer/living legend/tulsa/DBJAG/dance till we die (tame???) a&w (tame?) ocean blvd nothing about this gives "tame" lyrically or sonically - post norm she started including actual details up to the actual names of her innermost family and the music has only doubled down in its lack of accessibility. contrasted to something like UV/honeymoon -> LFL releasing COCC, BB, and NFR does not at all seem "tame" so what is this "it's quite obvious" there's not contradictions here y'all just have no critical thinking skills also jack didn't work only any of BB or like 5 of the songs of OB and on the ones he did (on OB) there were many other producers involved as well
  3. Lana is many things - genius, talented, beautiful, complex - but also lazy! the only world she does half of this is in your dreams baby I mean she's always loved Tammy - she had one of her album covers in the studio while she recorded LFL - and breaking up slowly is about her and George I think she's embracing the more southern venues as a fun opportunity to sing the cover
  4. LA to the Moon sold out in Austin and sales were mostly good though with Lana shows most people want tickets for the pit which made some of the bigger arenas smaller sellers in terms of seated sections but also Lana has been the 2nd most streamed female artist globally and hasn't toured in 4ish years so both demand from fans and scalpers/bots is MUCH higher long story short it's time for Ms. Girl to embrace the arenas once more and even some stadiums Hyde Park - Brazil - Mexico City - Montreal - Outside Lands - Lollapalooza the crowds are HUGE for her these days what the hell is she doing in Brandon Mississippi also it's annoying cause I got LATM tickets through merch presale and Hyde Park tickets through Amex presale but the Huntsville Amex sale didn't have any pit tickets available and I fear I'll never be able to get tickets through Ticketmaster for her again I did get endless summer tickets day of for not that bad from stubhub though so if any of you want to roadtrip and wait till the day of the show to buy I'd recommend that as the cheapest option
  5. what the fuck are you on about lmao? you're upset or not that I didn't give attention to the trolls by calling them out? obviously I'm not talking about people who merely dislike the song. I'm talking about #those people who - whether it's music, photoshoot, performance - get on this website ONLY to express how bad it is. or make stupid comments about head voice and composition that don't even make sense to make it seem like their hate posting is anything but nonsense people who say things like: “Imagine thinking Lana would have a creative spark with a Colbert sidekick who makes corny boomer music for people who think Macklemore is better than Kendrick Lamar” “Another addition to Lana's ever-expanding piano ballad pile that I never touch” “The song is MEH. Another quickly put together piano track with an not-so-interesting melody, average vocals and unsurprising, safe arrangements” “Oh please. That song is Lana on autopilot. It's more of a background noise than a song. Repetitive and boring.” "I just think this “you guys hate lana now because you don’t like this aspect of some of her songs” is sooooo crazy." PLEASE tell me where I said that at all
  6. this song is beautiful many of you exist on this website only to talk about how much you don’t like Lana’s music - it’s just boring now hearing y’all talk about musical arrangements while knowing nothing about musical theory at all, just slapping words together to try to make ur weird jealousy seem like it makes sense i enjoyed the track and am happy it wasn’t just a part three of the candy necklace/interlude pair the rest of Jon’s new album is equally exciting - hardly surprising considering he’s a world renowned child prodigy but I’ll be honest I hadn’t listened to any of his stuff even after candy necklace came out until now
  7. Nah but it’s the first time since she’s been back touring She did it a bunch on the NFR tour - highly recommend the video of her Chicago performance https://youtu.be/yiBlOYnuvf0
  8. the Iggy Pop reference is iconic considering songs like Heroin Change and Coachella also shares a name w a 50s film based on the life of Van Gogh which is so her vibe
  9. not to be that fan but why r people around me asking if arcadia is gonna be on the setlist …girl
  10. go take ur spot back haha people keep coming in and out it’s all good and if anyone complains they know the addy
  11. riopy is hot and funny and i just heard the og grandfather minus lana live i’d livestream but service is bad bc there’s so many ppl ://
  12. SECURITY BRINGING WATER BLESS UP the guy said she may come down aisle on west side since springsteen and guns n’ roses did but she may not cause they just stayed on stage during soundcheck
  13. yeah the front was really bad it was nonstop pushing from behind while the rest of the first rush entered for no reason good luck if ur still there on another note sun is coming out and there are people with huge bags taking out food blankets and umbrellas HUH what happened to the restrictions
  14. they sang the taco truck x vb x radio tik tok edit better than anything else they’ve been singing all day 💀
  15. PIT PUSH WAS SO INSANE I TURNED AROUND AND LEFT but the way they all lost bc the stage is so high up you can’t see it from barricade and there’s no staircases
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