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  1. I love each album less than the previous one (from BTD onwards)
  2. So I haven't been active on LB since around 2014 and this was the first thread I saw on my comeback. I'm gonna quit the internet.
  3. I finally accepted my music taste is completely dried up so went on a downloading rampage last night which included all 3 VW albums, which are getting quite addictive. I've never been bothered by indie bands cos they're all pretty same-y and I'm more into female soloists but VW have something about them which stands out from the rest. May as well chuck it in here too because of your profile pic, but after years of wanting to "understand" Bjork (because her fans are always going on about how innovative and creative and beautiful her music is and I've just never quite got it) I finally downloaded 7 albums which I'm gonna work my way through.
  4. Yeah, I get you, it's like she's just missing it. Not as bad as Ellie Goulding though
  5. I'm actually the opposite with Sky. And also Destiny's Child/DIL - I actually prefer that old r&b, stripped back style to a lot of Beyonce's later stuff, but it really depends on my mood. With Grimes, I was stuck with only liking Oblivion, then Genesis and Skin grew on me but it's definitely worth giving her a go, I found her second album Halfaxa the most difficult to get into, I still struggle to tell the tracks apart tbh. But luckily she's actually going in a different direction to her last 2 songs (Go and whatever that other one's called), which is why she released them separately. And the rest of the artists you listed, I've also failed with Don't Speak is probably one of my all time fave songs but the rest of No Doubt, i can;t even remember the tunes to any other songs. And I like experimental music but I honestly don't get FKA Twigs, I want to? But idk the delayed beats really frustrate me, I'm literally mad at her for it. If I ever bothered to dl Pure Heroine, I'd probably be a really big Lorde fan but idk, she's too perfect? Idk what it is, there's just something stopping me from liking her. Also, I've always wanted to love Bjork but nope, that's not happening for me
  6. I'm just gonna trust you and download their whole discographies tbh because it's been years for me. I really like a few Vampire Weekend songs but I've just never been bothered to get into them, especially since male vocalists are quite a rarity for me. And Sky's As If EP has been on my iPod for ever but just this last fortnight I've become obsessed, I never bothered in the past because I'm not as keen on her later stuff but the same thing happened with Lana when Video Games was first out, plus Charli XCX and Marina & the diamonds who are now 3 of my faves.
  7. Hello Heaven

    Song vs. Song

    Video Games vs. Black Beauty
  8. I'm literally drooling over this thread, jesus. For YEARS I have been *nearly* starting a collection but from experience of other collections, I have a horrible habit of committing myself to owning everything. So all I have is; Born to Die (Deluxe Edition) Paradise Box Set Paradise 12" Vinyl Ultraviolence Box Set Paradise Tour poster And then various advert clippings (like for H&M and album releases) You'll have to get it somewhere like Amazon or eBay but from what I've seen, you'll be looking at spending around £100 - possibly more
  9. I don't feel smug against the 'bandwagon' or newer fans (I love new fans tbh), just genuinely lucky to have discovered Lana back in late 2011 where I could follow her career from the build-up to BTD and watch her blossom from then on. I didn't like her music at first, but there was something striking about that woman, I thought her live vocals were terrible and shaky but her submissive behavior was what grabbed my attention. As a 13 year old, at the time, she's the first celebrity who I really took an interest in (forgetting about the jonas brothers). Back then, I didn't know one person who liked her - people hated her and they seriously hated me for liking her and sure, she still has a LOT of hate but that's part of the package and I can name many people who may have detested her in 2012 but now have a good bit of Lana on their iPod. What some people don't understand is, a musician doesn't have to be a perfect role model. She always gets picked up for having 'surgery' and being 'anti-feminist' etc. but so what? Everyone has controversial opinions and she doesn't have them to preach to all her fans, she has them because she's human, an independent, strong-minded woman who hasn't let herself fall victim to the music industry - this is also present in her music and although I prefer BTD to UV, I was really proud that she made an album which was so her and so NOT just what the pop industry wanted from her. Another thing some people don't understand is, she's not a typical pop entertainer. I don't get involved in stan wars because people always insist on bringing out the 'how many awards does your fave have' and 'my fave sold this many copies in 2014' because Lana honestly doesn't give a fuck... And she's still made herself an icon (which she has undeniably always dreamed of). Jesus, I don't even know how she does it. (btw, i really love this thread - i think it's great to have a thread where we can just celebrate and rant about our appreciation for our Lana)
  10. Gonna have a listen tomorrow, although I really wish it hadn't leaked - I can tell Marina is devastated, have you guys seen her last Facebook post? She was obviously really passionate about this album and loved the froot a month concept... Now everyone's heard the full album is just doesn't seem as exciting, poor darling I'm listening to the leak but I'm getting the vinyl boxset (which I am IN LOVE with) and I think it's important her fanbase supports her cos she worked hard, it's not just about the money, just having her back and appreciating her art.
  11. Gramma I'm lookin' down cos I'm kinda shy
  12. these songs are all so close to my heart, i literally feel like a sinner every time i vote Kill Kill- 15 Queen Of The Gas Station- 4 For K Part 2- 4 Mermaid Motel- 15 Put Me In A Movie- 13 Yayo- 14
  13. Hello Heaven

    Song vs. Song

    Trash Magic vs. My Best Days
  14. I'm not gonna lie and say this painting speaks to me. To be flat out honest, I really struggle to appreciate paintings. I understand that artists usually have a message and a reason for how/what they paint - I even have a couple of art books myself - but this form of art is something that I've never really been able to appreciate, also with sculpture art too. Plus, it really baffles me that people are willing to spend such a huge amount of money on a piece of art when there are lesser known artists who have an equal amount of passion and intelligence behind what they paint.
  15. Hello Heaven

    Song vs. Song

    Million Dollar Man vs. Trash Magic
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