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  1. What evidence that she's not going to release the album? I can see her postponing it if her poetry book is a bigger priority at the moment.
  2. So what is the consensus on this album, great or not?
  3. Honestly I think the real issue is 90% of her songs are not fit for these large auditoriums and festivals with thousands of people. The best venues are radio stations and small clubs for the intimate style of these songs. I mean you don't want her singing Fordham Road at the Staples Center right?
  4. Not saying she's on the level of Kate Bush or Leonard Cohen with her lyrics. But in this current era of shit, she's a goddess!
  5. Give me Hallmark One dream, one life, one lover Paint me happy and blue Norman Rockwell No hype under our covers It's just me and you http://www.mtv.com/news/3099857/lana-del-rey-venice-bitch-norman-fucking-rockwell/
  6. Yeah let me know when either one of those write lyrics as amazing as 'Off to the Races'.
  7. I'm referring to the Fan Since: .... part. I can put a member title.
  8. How do I get it to display 'member since 20XX' on the side-bar when I'm posting? Is there an option I'm not seeing?
  9. No, the comment I read very much implied Lana barely writes the songs at all. That she's just a front-woman for a whole team of 'Lana Del Rey' songwriters. This would be the most unbelievable musical swindle of all time, but I just can't fathom it. You can go back to 2007 and find Lizzy Grant songs and gigs that point to what she's doing now. Of course she got financial help to get her career off the ground, but without the talent and drive it would have fizzled out by 2012.
  10. Obviously quality of music is in the eye of the beholder, however to me VB has this atmosphere all the way through that 'does it for me'. To me this song is the ultimate representation of Lizzy Grant before she became Lana Del Rey.
  11. I read on some review article for 'Venice Bitch' a comment claiming Lana has 8 collaborators for every song. Yet on Wikipedia I read Jack Antonoff as the only co-writer. However I wonder if in this industry there are other writers who get royalty checks but do not get public credits and if this is an 'industry thing'. I definitely want to believe that Lana is mostly responsible for her songwriting.
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