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  1. Why are people so immature it's embarrassing in the chat
  2. Grayson

    Melanie Martinez

    This but with portals for me. I love her work on Crybaby and Afterschool and k-12 (imo) is just ok but portals honestly sucks. It has some good songs but Im tired of lying to myself she ruined that album by not including some of the leaks. Also what is her thing with only ever putting 13 songs on the standard edition??
  3. Grayson

    Melanie Martinez

    These jingle ball shows were an opportunity to grow her fan base, you have SZA and Olivia Rodrigo fans in there and most of them are not going to want to listen to someone dressed as a creepy pink alien. This isn't the portals tour where the fans are expecting that this is a live streamed festival with A List headliners... I mean her choice it's just not a good one lol
  4. Grayson

    Melanie Martinez

    I'm so scared she's gonna wear that damn mask the whole time on the new tour. I mean do we think she will actually wear it for crybaby and k-12? I kind of assumed it would be like Eras tour where she does the songs by eras
  5. Grayson

    Melanie Martinez

    I got the tickets. Pretty surprised the arenas are actually selling out THIS fast
  6. Grayson

    Melanie Martinez

    She has 0 nominations for Grammys...
  7. Grayson

    Melanie Martinez

    https://www.redfin.com/CA/Bell-Canyon/15-Round-Up-Rd-91307/home/4700242?600390594=copy_variant&231528114=control&1778901559=variant&utm_source=ios_share&utm_medium=share&utm_nooverride=1&utm_content=link&utm_campaign=copy_link She is already selling her house she bought last year
  8. Grayson

    Melanie Martinez

    the portals tour is probably her worst tour. There's no storyline and everything looks cheap. K-12 tour had some of the best production of a small venue tour I've ever seen. Like you could put that same production on an arena tour and it would look amazing meanwhile Portals looks terrible in any venue. I went to the k-12 tour at a small venue and my ticket was $40 and I was probably 4 rows back from the stage and it was better than the Ariana concert I went to that year tbh. For portals I paid $150 for a first row ticket right above the floor seats and I felt SCAMMED because of how trash this tour was. Like you have Taylor and Beyonce doing 3 hour shows and now Madonna at 65 putting on a much better show than Mel (obviously it's MADONNA but still Melanie can do better than portals tour)... Anyways rant over I still love her lol ALSO she didnt even have the spider web prop at the venue here in Atlanta which also had some of the more expensive tickets on the summer tour this year...
  9. Grayson

    Melanie Martinez

    I feel as if she never wore that costume Portals would have been way more successful... like if she had cool makeup but her actual face kind of like k-12 and after school had interesting looks without being SUPER WERID. So many people I know that liked her previous work were turned off by her new era cause of that
  10. I just looked at his posts on insta and he's fighting some Lana fan in his comments who's calling him out😭 https://www.instagram.com/p/CycFfSwPnFo/ https://www.instagram.com/p/CyY0rZixxZS/?img_index=1
  11. He straight up insults people if they say anything negative about his obsession with Lana to him
  12. I'm scared he's gonna start posting this on his instagram like he did when he stalked Lana at church a year or two ago
  13. Dat1 guitarguy got kicked out of this event and is blaming Ricardo. Hopefully he finally realizes Lana does not want to be friends.. he's actually scary I feel so bad for Lana
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