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  1. I think this ended up being the right reference! There are two places referenced in the song - first is Canter's, which is an old classic deli in LA that is open 24 hrs. It's the same coat I had on The night that I went in I can stay an hour at Canter's The streets cool off by then The narrator is sitting in a booth at the deli late night. Perhaps they just met their daughter there for the first time since getting out of prison, now nursing a cup of coffee all night to try to stay out of trouble. And then the second is Buddy's Rendezvous. Not in LA, but evoking the same vibe as the deli - also a very old neighborhood restaurant. Again the narrator is killing time in a restaurant. My destruction is an hour late I'm at Buddy's Rendezvous Tellin' the losers and old timers How good I did with you It's presented as more of a poetic connection between the two places, but you can imagine a more specific storyline wherein the narrator spends the night at Canter's right after getting released, and then many years later is bending the ears of the locals in an old pizza joint in Detroit about their estranged child.
  2. It also just sounds like she is coming at her lyrics and melodies as a jazz improv. A new jazz fantasy would be amazing. I don't really think of Jack as the jazz fantasy type, but she NEEDS to get whoever produced Buddy's in there because that's the way to do it
  3. Truly hoping it's not complete yet. The post-Portofino songs that are being dictated into a notes app at this very moment
  4. So exciting to see this thread!! After the past year, I was 90% convinced she was giving up the music business to open a self-actualization center. Let's do this!
  5. Is this the first explicit acknowledgment that there has been any recording whatsoever besides Rob's ethereal post?
  6. alittleparty

    Song vs. Song

    Beautiful vs French Restaurant
  7. Yayo - 16 West Coast - 22 Venice Bitch - 12
  8. alittleparty

    Song vs. Song

    Get Free vs Peace
  9. Yayo - 16 West Coast- 21 Venice Bitch - 11 White Dress- 2
  10. alittleparty

    Song vs. Song

    Black Beauty vs Wild One
  11. Interview, W, i-D.... there is so much FASHION happening. All the mags want her!
  12. These are magical. Was she just chillin in the park until dark?
  13. alittleparty

    Song vs. Song

    If I Die Young vs Unidentified Flying Bill
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