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  1. alittleparty

    Song vs. Song

    Afraid vs Never Let Me Go
  2. alittleparty

    Song vs. Song

    Playing Dangerous vs Backfire
  3. It's really nice to see all the Buddy's love. My favorite song of hers or anybody's in years
  4. alittleparty

    Song vs. Song

    For K pt 2 vs My Best Days
  5. alittleparty

    Song vs. Song

    Blue Banisters vs Pawn Shop Blues
  6. alittleparty

    Song vs. Song

    gods & monsters vs american
  7. alittleparty

    Song vs. Song

    Kill Kill vs Playing Dangerous
  8. alittleparty

    Song vs. Song

    Wild One vs Your Girl
  9. It's nuts that this mega-event is happening right now. I think it has set the stage for LDR9 to be a colossal critical and commercial success. The label will invest much bigger in promo. The critics are fiending for her. TikTok is perched for every syllable that comes out of her mouth. And there are suddenly zillions of new fans who just heard her name for the first time a week ago. Prepare for greatness on every level
  10. alittleparty

    Song vs. Song

    Never Let Me Go vs Goodbye Kiss
  11. I'm really proud of her and moved that she recorded these messages, and especially that she chose to say something yesterday. At the very moment that everyone was melting down over the SOTB leak, with the overall theme of commentary being that Lana had been used, insulted, or victimized in some way by Taylor, Lana showed up to explain in very direct and heartbreaking terms what it actually feels like to have your work taken from you, what the theft of art really feels like for the artist. In her case, a literal violent assault. It kinda puts the issue of her SOTB vocal mix in a different perspective - I doubt she's bothered by that all too much, but I do think she spoke at the time she did for a reason. In a way her statement yesterday actually defends Taylor - defends all artists - and maybe that was a part of it too. She had the courage to be that vulnerable and real, adding grounding perspective to the moment of mania we were all in.
  12. Hoo boy. The ONLY antidote is for Lana to announce LDR9 and X NOW TODAY. That and that alone will fix it.
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