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  1. let me love you like a wumun,,, let me hold u like a bahhaby aged like fine wine yup! i hope this is the opening track ... its not as grand as her other openers but its soft and inviting. it kinda ends abruptly as well... makes me think the next track will be a banger. or not. lets hope it is
  2. i dont like the video but the idea is cute. idc though cuz we know she was on professional sets multiple times already so the serves are coming...
  3. god get that right wing propaganda off here, this isnt the fox news board... let ur asshole conspiracies run around somewhere else. anyways. jan 7th is the earliest i see this record being released unfortunately... this really sucks.
  4. i was talking about industry friends and relations. im not associated with her. you dont know who i am nor does the general public think im associated with her. either way, shes a mess. im not debating that lol
  5. she has to be doing this shit on purpose for some REPUTATION era bullshit. i mean.. she has really damaged her image but holy fuck, she cant be that stupid, its not possible. im seriously scared to see what other shit she might pull this year. fuck. who the hell would wanna associate with her after this? soo fucking embarrassing. just release the album and go on with ur day pls lana. shes always been "problematic" WBK this but she hasnt done wack shit in years, i swore those days were over. theres no fucking way she is this unaware. and how is no one, her family, her team, her friends not keeping her in check? she shouldnt have to be kept in check, but all of this just makes noo sense to me so im going with PR stunt. honestly. maybe she knows cotcc will knock the socks off all us bitches, even the locals... pray
  6. that mask is so embarrassing. im sorry. it just makes her seem very ignorant. unless she tested negative from a rapid test literally 5 minutes before, thats still not even a good enough excuse, she should be protecting herself as well.
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