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  1. regarding my last post when i listened to the leak and pushed the song off as "ok" i totally take that back. gorgeous song. shes a fking genius. might be her best title track behind NFR its beautiful, LSD, normality settles down over me im not bored or unhappy, im still so strange and wild
  2. really hoping the target exclusive is for real!! bothered UK friend to purchase it then to cancel the order after i found out ab potential target exclusive when have uo exclusive been revealed? day after? few days? hope there is one!! id die if there were 3 cover variants i could get my hands on...
  3. um... i hope shes ok... thats all i will say
  4. wait is it 6PM GMT or 6:30?? annie said 6:30 but everyone else is saying 6
  5. ahh!!! i love reading the spoilers it only makes me more excited. i always listen to the leaks so i wont this time since its soo close! im soo hyped up for this.
  6. wow, that boxset is depressing. this era is shaping up to be... interesting...
  7. honestly that is just some sort of hilarious karma for us... always shitting on chunk just to get the even worse counterpart
  8. me and a friend got the notif too but it didnt lead to anything for me just her profile so she may have posted and deleted something! anyways now im just waiting for the UO exclusive if there is one... when does that usually get put online? the cover isnt that bad. but its her worst either way. i like the sentiment, but they could have done a proper photoshoot with her friends and like not use a behind the scenes picture? ive now seen many examples of b&w album covers with a bunch of people on them and they look good ... it could have been done better thats all i know.
  9. neil krug on set and you use BTS pictures. lord help me.
  10. the way we still dont even know if the song is coming at 12am or monday noon... someone said a while ago every time she confirms something she manages to make us more confused and that was very correct.
  11. i just hate not knowing if this will be global release midnight or at like 12/1pm EST on the 11th. or what if only the song comes out at midnight and the mv is the day of? so. many. questions.
  12. yea at first i wasnt sure what to expect but after that teaser and the logos she posted... she clearly has a vision for this record and i dont think she will let that vision fall short on the cover. im sure it will be iconic. im soo ready.
  13. when i ask her "when is lana del reys next album coming out" she says "october 5th 2017" but she does say march 5th 2021 when i ask directly ab chemtrails. cant trust this bitch
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