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  1. are u referring to the 3rd picture disc? whats going on with it?? i still havent gotten mine yet i guess i cant do anything cuz it hasnt been 20 days but close enough and im getting impatient. has anyone gotten theirs?
  2. Idk why but i believe her this time around. i mean i did last time and every time before that but... like she has been PAST and DONE with chemtrails. she could throw an album at us every month if she wanted to. WBK she has GOD TALENT. didnt she already say she has tracks for the next record? im sure dealer will be on it to if she's screaming, clearly this next record will be expressing a lot of emotion so dealer would be a perfect fit for it. she clearly knew of this a while ago and thats why she ultimately decided chemtrails wasnt the album for dealer, and i'm glad we will most likely be seeing it on an album where it belongs. very exciting! love when she gives us stuff to talk about right after a release. LANA DEL REY IS GOING NO WHERE
  3. unfortunately no. i assume we would have seen it by now if there was one
  4. yes pls update me when you get them!! ive always wanted the btd picture disc
  5. it better be ugly i cannot toss away another penny on this
  6. wait, can i buy the signed card and cassette from her french store if i live in the US? her US store has just the cassette for 23 (not including shipping or tax) yet i can get the cassette and signed card for TOTAL 21? i converted to USD as well?? am i missing something? edit: her universal store has all 3 cassettes for 32?? im so fuckin confused edit2: which wont even deliver to the US... anyways
  7. really hoping the target exclusive is for real!! bothered UK friend to purchase it then to cancel the order after i found out ab potential target exclusive when have uo exclusive been revealed? day after? few days? hope there is one!! id die if there were 3 cover variants i could get my hands on...
  8. um... i hope shes ok... thats all i will say
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