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  1. Blue Rev

    Ethel Cain

    The EP still isn't finished apparently
  2. https://vk.com/video/@wmfests?z=video-100153356_456240904%2Fclub100153356%2Fpl_-100153356_-2
  3. Is there an official studio of her Hands All Over Me cover or is it just a live?
  4. Blue Rev

    Ethel Cain

    New interview with Rolling Stone, she talks about the upcoming EP and Preacher's Wife a little. The EP still seems to be scheduled for later this year. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-features/ethel-cain-new-music-interview-1234807712/
  5. Norman Arcadia Chemtrails The Grants Breaking Up Slowly (with Nikki) For Free (with Jack) Mariners (with Jack) Summertime Video Games?
  6. Blue Rev

    Ethel Cain

    I don't think so, she wrote it based on the film Bones and All
  7. Blue Rev

    Ethel Cain

    She's just releasing this song officially
  8. Blue Rev


    New album softscars out 9/22 01 x w x 02 sulky baby 03 softscars 04 4ui12 05 ghosts 06 dazies 07 fish in the pool 08 software update 09 inferno 10 bloodbunny 11 cyber meat 12 aphex twin flame Her best song kinda....
  9. Blue Rev

    Ethel Cain

    I think she might be referring to the B-Sides when they "follow up" because she's said previously that songs like Waco, Texas and Dust Bowl are some of her favourites so I assume they're what she's talking about. And I mean technically it is the follow-up despite being b-sides.
  10. "We're gonna play together in Hyde Park this summer" I guess he literally just meant opening for her what a wasted opportunity
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