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  1. June Gloom

    Taylor Swift

    are we just going to collectively not talk about Girl at Home... i'm kinda obsessed with how different it is, wonder if she'll do this for any other songs in the future?
  2. honestly the more time i spend with this record the more i feel this is her best, every song i was unsure about at release has grown on me so much, the unreleased songs fit in perfectly, the layers of writing and meta-commentary on including these unreleased songs, the covers ALL being great, this is everything i want from her tbh
  3. the last 2 tracks are fucking bonkers... i know it isn't the most out there thing in the world but when the ending vocoder came on in gracias a la vida my jaw dropped. if this was a movie, breadwinner, and there is a light were my favs on first listen
  4. people on popheads were referring to a demo that leaked of it
  5. can someone link/send me the leaked version of haus labs babylon? i thought all we ever got of it were snippets from the paper magazine shoot thingy, did the whole thing really leak?
  6. June Gloom


    my favs were California, Secrets from a Girl, Mood Ring and Oceanic Feeling - also really liked SP, Stoned, The Man with the Axe, Dominoes, and the 2 bonus tracks!! Hold No Grudge is especially a bop- idk if it's truly phenomenal but i like it a lot more than people made me think i would
  7. honestly i wanna order the emerald vinyl but the mockup on her site looks ... not great- sad we didn't get a teal or blue vinyl to match the album cover Ancient Dreams imo is still a really solid album but it defs could've used 2-3 more upbeat tracks just to balance it out a bit more, it's honestly weird comparing how overly short this is compared to L+F considering that record was so long and had so many outtakes... wonder how many were left around for this one outside of PC and Happy Loner tbh
  8. June Gloom

    Allie X

    glad to know she hasn't lost her touch since I Love the Garbage also all those leaks are bops, CX2 sessions were really jam packed huh
  9. June Gloom

    Allie X

    yeah from what i understand OMG was a strong contender for CX2 but the only real reason i see it getting cut is because it leaked, like the final version sounds perfect idk. does anyone still have the original file names for the gifs from the photographers website? i remember To Better Times being one of the unused ones but other than that i've forgotten them if i remember correctly Champagne was for Madonna??? TLIV was for Katy Perry, they both tweeted about writing it in 2014??ish edit: source
  10. June Gloom

    Allie X

    it's clear allie's had some trouble with her team/label/whatever for a while like remember when she basically leaked cx2 to us months in advance? cutting a verse out of can't stop now seemingly out of nowhere? i doubt it's gonna happen but that unreleased album/collection thing she's talked about would be such a cool idea wait the way i went on her twitter and she clarified she meant the songs on the vinyl re-release... pain and suffering in the land of x <3 like they aren't even on streaming wtf edit: i get that she probably doesn't even want to consider releasing the unreleased songs but not even some of the ones we know she's aware of? remembering her quote retweeting someone's video of misbelieving final with just "very cool" or something like
  11. Caroline on ADIAML & St. Vincent on Purge the Poison would've been so good actually... maybe Rina on Venus Fly Trap as well? we deserved this actually
  12. this thread never fails to be one of the messiest on this site oh my GOD also interesting that she said she didn't put INHA on streaming because of the leak- does that mean her unreleased/demos album would be entirely unheard material? could you imagine
  13. June Gloom

    Allie X

    literally i think about this every time i see you on this thread like it's iconic also honestly i'm very late to this conversation but hearing that Cape God started as a Super Sunset companion kinda makes me wanna pare CG down into a matching 6 song EP (disincluding the intro and interlude from SS because ... yeah) as like a day/night thing- i wonder which songs would've made the cut from that era
  14. June Gloom


    these COLORS oh my god... it looks so surreal and stormy!! it almost reminds me of the visuals for Caroline Polachek's Pang era?? like the dull earthy background voids with the striking figure- if the cover was from this shoot i would buy the vinyl in a heartbeat
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