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  1. it's gone reupload anyone?
  2. June Gloom

    Jessie Ware

    Freak Me Now easy top 5 of her discog and possible contender for her best song imo... what did she put in this song
  3. deciding to take the lull between releases to listen to her pre-PD projects (at least the 2 EPs on spotify anyways) and Head in the Wall?? how does she do it genuinely
  4. June Gloom

    Taylor Swift

    from what i remember, happiness was the last song written for evermore, around a week before release? she said it in the chat for evermore's release i think? i remember someone on r/taylorswift or r/popheads did a deep dive into the recording dates and studios regarding the folkmore tracks and i think the only conclusions made were that my tears ricochet was probably worked on before folklore took form, and dorothea is an "outtake" from folklore- but it was intended for big red machine's album, so who knows about the fine details there also the fact lover-era unreleased are leaking has me so shocked... do you think people have folkmore outtakes? could you imagine like i'd scream
  5. June Gloom

    Rina Sawayama

    manifesting that eventually we get a deluxe of HTG with outtakes, and this time more than like 2 of them lol - esp with how cohesive the base album is, i'd love to hear the more eclectic stuff that might've been cut for brevity or whatever. (+ justice for the unreleased sawayama songs that didn't make it onto the deluxe there either...)
  6. June Gloom


    every day i wake up and realize she didn't put Bad Man, Night Swimming, or Night Moves on the deluxe and i weep
  7. June Gloom


    noooo it seems for some reason she's taken Square (Solo Piano) and Shame (Jammin' Out Solo) off streaming, does anyone still have them in HQ? that version of Square was always my favorite
  8. June Gloom


    ok but we need Wake Up and Silent Violence on streaming at a minimum too like she can't leave these slays behind
  9. June Gloom


    honestly can we talk about the insane 3 hit combo of Contaminated, Stroke and Godless like she destroyed everyone with that
  10. June Gloom


    honestly Ancestors is one of my favs off Medulla? not exactly easy listening & i defs get its reputation, but like. there is something so primal and cathartic about it- i haven't really seen another song that quite captures the energy it exudes. speaking of Medulla- honestly i think it's interesting to compare it and Volta as almost 2 opposite attempts at a more "mainstream" pop influence in her work? like the hooks on songs like Innocence, Triumph of a Heart, etc. are really accessible melodically but they're presented in such strange arrangements and productions, it's honestly one of my favorite contrasts between any 2 of her albums (altho i don't think Volta is perfect or anything, still a good record)
  11. June Gloom


    honestly while we're on the subject, her run from Homogenic, through Vespertine, Selmasongs, and Medulla is so classic like there is not a single bad song in there. not even the B sides (hell the Vespertine B sides are incredible like of course Generous Palmstroke, but also Foot Soldier?? Mother Heroic?? classics) someone leak Who Is It Vespertine Version Already!!!
  12. June Gloom


    still crushed they didn't repress for the 10th year anniversary congrats on getting one!!
  13. June Gloom

    Taylor Swift

    are we just going to collectively not talk about Girl at Home... i'm kinda obsessed with how different it is, wonder if she'll do this for any other songs in the future?
  14. honestly the more time i spend with this record the more i feel this is her best, every song i was unsure about at release has grown on me so much, the unreleased songs fit in perfectly, the layers of writing and meta-commentary on including these unreleased songs, the covers ALL being great, this is everything i want from her tbh
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