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  1. stream her ep Descent, it's so good (for all you Poppy and Meg Myers fans out there- same label too!)
  2. June Gloom

    Allie X

    https://dbree.org/v/462602 did coma finally leak in full omg
  3. June Gloom

    Dua Lipa

    i've been getting into her leaks really late and how Act of God didn't release will haunt me the Moonlight Ed. cover looks fine to me? it's a bit weird (her name's logo really makes it unbalanced & what is that font on The Moonlight Edition) but i think the concept is cute enough also fr if she actually makes a second b-sides album with the actual b-sides people actually want... that's so funny and needless like why even bother releasing the shorter one now? Not My Problem is growing on me & We're Good is alright but they don't compare at all to any of the "main" outtakes people actually want
  4. June Gloom

    Allie X

    the way i have waited years for these... i have seen Peace bad man slaps (WOAH DEMO 2... wig deleted). i wonder if more will leak from the CG sessions. wouldn't mind a deluxe either tho someone leak jabberwocky it's not like anyone else wants it LMAO
  5. does anyone have a version of Mermaid V Sailor that doesn't sound so unbalanced? i used to have one (although it might've been fanmade) but i haven't found it in forever and i wanna hear Daddy Was A Sailor in listenable quality again
  6. maybe the real lana del rey was the friends we made along the way
  7. i'm gonna go for some weird predictions... i'd love it if the opener was this one tbh
  8. oh this is easy. TFJ: Sinful for Numb, put The Family Jewels on all versions [i wanted to include Bad Kidz and Jealousy but i honestly could not figure out which songs i would cut from TFJ, it's so solid] EH: Scab & Plaster for The State of Dreaming, Miss Y for Valley of the Dolls, Electra Heart for Living Dead (from the UK Version) [none of these songs are bad but i just love the unreleased's more] Froot: just put INHA on it since it has so few unreleaseds L+F: Water Under the Bridge (2018) for Orange Trees, Demons & Angels (2018) for No More Suckers, Please Don't Call Me (Final) for Life is Strange [i would also put Holiday somewhere if it was more polished]
  9. June Gloom


    there are 2 uploads of it on d***e but both are low quality (the m4a is 256?kbps and the mp3 is 128 ) so if anyone has it in hq... please post it
  10. i'm gonna be real i keep forgetting Gold exists, it's not bad but compared to the others i just kinda forget about it
  11. edit: turns out i just got cursed. it literally crashed as soon as she started singing... i am now watching an ad
  12. ok i know it won't happen but imagine if st. vincent debuted a song off locked & loaded tonight... i would die
  13. Maggie Rogers' hair looks so different but i actually love it? i've only seen her on the cover to Heard It From A Past Life but she's gorgeous wow
  14. ok can i say nothing matches the pure chaotic energy of seeing this thread active, opening it and not understanding a thing, going to the lana wiki to see if something got announced, and seeing all the track titles with zero context or explanation. i literally gasped seeing yosemite under confirmed LMAO
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