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  1. Seems like that's a wrap for now! I think I said everything essential that I wanted to say. Hope this brought some closure to those who were seeking it or that at least you learnt something interesting. It was fun and maybe one day I will come back to talk more, maybe in upcoming years more interesting stuff to talk about will surface as well. Thanks for joining and being all nice and respectful. And remember, Lana's word is always above me or any of us, she is the artist and the visionary and none of us other than her will fully know the truth about all those mysterious things. Pre-order and stream the amazing Did you know that there's a tunnel under Ocean Blvd, out March 10th!
  2. She worked quite a bit with Rick for NFR still
  3. Maybe she will, but maybe they just felt like they burnt out together. Rick seems to be heavily working on new Zara Larsson music so he clearly needed some vibe-switch.
  4. I don't think anything is ever truly deleted
  5. I don't think she did, which is interesting, cause I believe she was also invited to that Liv listening party where they previewed all the new material (that was ultimately scrapped)
  6. This, friendly reminder I dislike entirety of Chemtrails and its sound. Don't ask me about opinions/sounds/feelings on songs you haven't heard, it's just pointless.
  7. My first post here was that at the end of the day I'm not in Lana's head and I think that's the best answer to questions like that
  8. Yeah I have countless sheets of notes that I compiled through the years to have it all somewhat organized
  9. Agree personally, but Lana's artistic integrity should be above all
  10. Yes, California, whoever leaked that - fucked up
  11. Some general answers from past pages: Pretty sure that technically nothing is stopping them from releasing Is This Happiness and Flipside on streaming anymore, next time Lana goes on a longer live chat, ask her for that. Speaking of which though, Flipside was never really considered for UV. It was recorded as a rough one day demo at Nightbird and they pretty much just decided to mix it and release like that. Good for us, cool song that would have been lost. Rock Candy Sweet seems to just be a phrase Lana liked, it seems to be originally stemming from a song called Loved You Then Loved You Now she did with Jack, but later also used it in Watercolor Eyes, but one is not a rework of another or anything. Watercolor Eyes is a song that can be very much considered a BB outtake though, but I'm 99% sure it wasn't made yet when Lana announced the former Rock Candy Sweet album.
  12. Is it true that the entire chorus of Your Girl is just sung by Patrick Warren and edited to sound like Lana, cause his acapella was incomplete?
  13. It's really best to accept that every Lana x Rick song had tons of versions and we will never hear 95% of them yes
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