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  1. LanaRayDelMar

    Melanie Martinez

    Is what @/lanaismamom posted the best quality available? Wtf I had no idea we had a BT demo
  2. Don't forget to leak Someone_Elses_Baby_feat_J_Balvin.mp3
  3. Why do people refer to this as 'little carmen'? where did that name even come from
  4. The power that the Chemtrails cover art would have if it were B&W with the big Lana Del Rey logo using the classic BTD font EDIT:
  5. LanaRayDelMar

    Melanie Martinez

    Another HQ file, but in .mp3 format. Doesn't look like quality was lost (if it's a format conversion) https://dbree.org/v/f82fc6
  6. LanaRayDelMar

    Melanie Martinez

    So hauntingly beautiful, esp the instrumental. Totally imagining a horror film-esque music video in my mind damnit, Melanie
  7. LanaRayDelMar

    Melanie Martinez

    ok now we wait for the untampered with version.. yawn
  8. the 'second version' does but even that its a stem edit
  9. But we don't - listen to the way she sings 'there's no rush anymore'. It's very subtle, you might miss it if you aren't paying attention
  10. Daily reminder that we STILL don't have this version of INHA, leak ha
  11. the infamous final version snippets of Damn You and Hollywood's Dead from March 2012
  12. LanaRayDelMar

    Melanie Martinez

    Was listening to K-12 while showering and Recess came on and I almost cried
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