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  1. Recently got into his unreleased music (and I thought Lana had alot ) although Purpose is the last album I've heard in full. I haven't given Changes another listen besides 1 or 2 songs. Not hyped for Justice. He needs a new haircut/stylist and a new PR team. His scrapped tracks are really good and bearable, lately. Some of my favourites are: Double Negative Baby's In Love Forgiving Me (You Keep) Insecurities Life Is Worth Living (2014) La Bomba Unconditional Forever (Demo)
  2. Not from my era but still so cool My era "Me and Dan Auerbach are excited to present you Ultraviolence"
  3. LanaRayDelMar

    Melanie Martinez

    Idk it was posted on the Mel forum as the original file guess I got duped
  4. LanaRayDelMar

    Melanie Martinez

    dbree search is your friend! https://dbree.org/v/445d7e
  5. LanaRayDelMar

    Melanie Martinez

    Well it's over.jpg
  6. LanaRayDelMar

    Melanie Martinez

    I think the one in the folder is even higher quality and seems to be the real deal, except it is tagged by the user SO who knows what the real source file was named
  7. LanaRayDelMar

    Melanie Martinez

    https://dbree.org/v/99d4ec ???
  8. LanaRayDelMar

    Melanie Martinez

    Why am I just now realizing the existence of Crybaby clean version.. I'm in awe of the lyric changes in Crybaby and Training Wheels. Also why is Training Wheels being promoted on Snapchat?
  9. LanaRayDelMar

    Melanie Martinez

    So is this just a stem edit https://dbree.org/v/59fb0a
  10. I've linked the lossless file so it should be the songs original audio. I'm guessing this is what you mean? I can link the mp3 file if you'd prefer.. https://dbree.org/v/6023ad
  11. https://dbree.org/v/2601e3
  12. Reel Cool's chorus is infectious Wundaland (Second version. I pretend its a Gaga song ) Fever / Dirty Ice Cream final
  13. Isn't that like 4:05 in length or something? I thought that was a fan edit since it has a bridge that sounds so fake and the vocals come back in abruptly
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