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  1. Can't see anything?
  2. Nah it's too much on the nose. It's great as a promo pic though!
  3. Whale C0ck.. wow what a disappointment
  4. LanaRayDelMar

    Melanie Martinez

    Melanie_Martinez_P_E_THMexclusive_Christmas on that site real?
  5. Can anyone send me their file of "Won't Feel Like Christmas" and "Just Another Story" pretty please? I can't find them anywhere
  6. 1. Future Starts Now 2. Je T'Adore 3. Runway Walk 4. Hit It From The Back 5. Coconuts 6. Keep It 7. Born Again 8. All She Wants (feat. Paris Hilton) 9. Revelations 10. Your Time To Cry 11. Something About You 12. Problématique Deluxe: 13. Confession 14. Treat Me Like A Hoe 15. Deeper 16. Left My Body 17. Love Ya Leave Ya 18. Sex Talk Wasn't this the supposed final tracklist right before it was completely scrapped? I remember when it leaked on that site. Anyways it's the tracklist I've been using for my Problématique album ever since
  7. It isn’t Problématique w/o HIFTB or YTTC in the track list. The track list feels dull
  8. Thats an edit from a lady gaga fan account
  9. LanaRayDelMar

    Melanie Martinez

    Spin The Bottle V2 leak on that site, real?
  10. Free Woman has really grown on me. That intro and the effect on her voice is 2 die 4
  11. Ma'm I think the Eventually file you posted is just a filter from the original leak (the drums were edited out)
  12. Not here for Nicki but go awff Kimmy
  13. HIFTB & YTTC being the best Problematique songs out of the bunch and on the new album FOR A REASON Je'Tadore demo is ok but would rather have LYLY or SAY on the album All She Wants is a moment for but somewhat mediocre lyric wise Revelations is an ugly ass song don't see the appeal by Kim
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