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  1. @godsmonster this should be the file you're looking for, don't remember who shared it but it has the missing stems previous leaks were missing https://dbree.org/v/c8297e
  2. For me when Queen of Disaster leaked and everyone was freaking out because it sounded so different and we were right in the Young & Beautiful era. I remember running to iTunes to listen to it and that's how I discovered her unreleased music Of course August 1 aka LIB / ITTJ day because I was staying in West Hollywood when it appeared online. I told my friend about the song leaking after so many years of being a myth and but they just didn't get it. Then on my way home listening to that badass demo of GKIT was something magical - that day just had some witchy energy to it Honorary mention: when Greenwich leaked in 2014 I had no idea what a greenwich was but I so intrigued and wondered why her music sounded so creepy Omg the summer of 2013 when the Untouchable 5 surfaced it was a literal state of emergency.. the Lipsters knew Lana was PISSED (Sorry so many iconic moments!!)
  3. Kim release Your Turn To Cry to save the era!
  4. LanaRayDelMar

    Melanie Martinez

    Romanticizing short encounters is a coping mechanism for past wounds..
  5. Further inspection and this is unfortunately a really good filter
  6. Patty is Lana's mom and she hasn't been seen publicly w Lana or Rob in years so this is kinda like a big deal because people think they haven't gotten along and there was drama last year around mothers day when Lana didn't wish Patty a Happy Mother's Day but some other lady named Candace people thought was Lana's mom. I believe Patty said or did something shady towards Lana but I don't remember correctly so this is speculation??
  7. I love the textless covers and how they are from that specific era! This is what mine aspires to be one day ?
  8. maybe i'm wrong but didn't say she would release it at some point? a literal crime she threw it away
  9. ugh how annoying I blame the stupid label the old kim would never pull this halloween is over goddamit kimberly
  10. TNWWY does too we love longevity!
  11. Listening to Dealer while reading this thread and ngl it's making me feel a tad bit sad considering everything going on right now but I just remind myself she's only deactivating and not deleting her socials so I think everyone should calm down but why Lana why did you have to make this exit so over dramatic with the HBTB still
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